Secret Great Phoenix Chen Chapter 3683

        “D*mn it!” Badr, who had never been threatened by anyone in his twenty years of service, was furious and cursed through gritted teeth, “I don’t care if you are the Dragon Palace or some other mercenary organisation, the Gulf of Aden is my territory, I have been here for twenty years and no one has ever dared to talk to me like that! If you don’t release my men from now on, I will kill all the people on board any cargo ship escorted by your Dragon Palace!”

        Balder was not afraid of the Ten Thousand Dragons Temple.

        That was because he was a warlord in the Gulf of Aden, with his own army and his own base.

        He had thousands of men, dozens of ships, and every soldier was heavily armed, so he was already a ceiling in the region.

        He was not afraid of the North Russian convoy, not to mention the Ten Thousand Dragons. Two years ago, the North Russian convoy sank three of his speedboats, and since then he has taken revenge on the North Russian merchant ships.

        Apart from the fear of his men encountering warships at sea, he really had nothing to fear. The North Russian escorts were fighting so fiercely, but they could only wander around in the high seas, not daring to enter territorial waters, so he felt that he had nothing to fear as long as he stayed on the coastline.

        At this moment, the soldier of the Hall of Ten Thousand Dragons on the other end of the communication system spoke very seriously, “I give you three seconds to retract what you just said and apologise for what you just said, otherwise, the Hall of Ten Thousand Dragons will immediately declare war on you!”

        “D*mn it!” Balder cursed through gritted teeth, “You think I’m afraid of you? Just you wait! From now on, anyone who dares to hire you to escort them will be asking for death! I’m going to have a f*cking killing spree in the Gulf of Aden, and as long as you dare to show up in the Gulf of Aden, I’ll kill all of you!”

        “Good!” The Ten Thousand Dragons Hall soldier said indifferently, “You will pay for what you just said.”

        With that, he simply hung up the phone.

        Balder’s eyes turned red with anger, clenched his fists and cursed, “D*mn it! How dare a mercenary shout at me! You may still be a player in other places, but in the Gulf of Aden, you don’t mean a f*cking thing!”

        With that, he immediately said to the soldier beside him, “Send out a warning to all shipping companies around the world that if any ship dares to hire a Dragon Palace escort, I, Balder, will kill them all!”

        The soldier said with some concern, “Boss, there are tens of thousands of trained mercenaries in the Hall of Ten Thousand Dragons alone, isn’t it too impulsive to just declare war on them?”

        Balder kicked him to the ground, then stepped forward again and stepped on his face, pulled out his pistol and pointed it at his head, roaring, “What the f*ck are you talking about here? Are you in command here or am I?!”

        The soldier turned pale with fear and hastily begged for mercy, “Boss …… it’s my nosiness …… please don’t take it personally with me, I’ll go and issue a warning!”

        Balder lifted his foot and stomped down hard on his chest, followed immediately by the sound of broken ribs.

        The soldier rolled around in pain, while Balder looked at the others around him with a grim look on his face and said, “You all think I’m out of my depth and that’s why I’ve declared war with the Ten Thousand Dragons Hall, don’t you?”

        The crowd instantly lowered their heads, and no one dared to look him in the eye head-on.

        Balder snorted coldly at this time and said with a look of contempt, “You bunch of trash, you don’t know what strategy means! If I’m afraid of him today, word will get out and the reputation of the Dragon Palace as an armed escort in the Gulf of Aden will be a hit, and then all ship owners will rush to hire them to escort their ships. Do we just go around when we see the Ten Thousand Dragons Temple?”

        Seeing that none of them dared to speak, Balder said in a cold voice full of arrogance, “The reason why I officially declared war with the Ten Thousand Dragons Temple and put out the word to kill all ships that hire them is to make all ship owners turn away from the Ten Thousand Dragons Temple! “

        “He is very powerful in the mercenary field, but in the Gulf of Aden, there is no place for them to play!”

        “Even if they are powerful, they can’t sail a warship, so what do I have to fear? As long as I can make the Ten Thousand Dragons Temple unprofitable in the Gulf of Aden, this bunch of profit-oriented mercenaries of theirs will naturally withdraw of their own accord!”