Secret Great Phoenix Chen Chapter 3682

Meanwhile, the pirate leader who had hijacked the Xinglong waited for more than an hour at the base camp, but did not receive any response from the Isu Shipping Line.

        This indifferent attitude of the Isu Shipping Line was the first time he had encountered it in his twenty years of piracy.

        Moreover, in his twenty years as a pirate, it was the first time he had seized a ship of such a large tonnage and was ignored by the owner, which immediately made him lose patience.

        He paced back and forth in his command, cursing under his breath, “Is this Isuzu Shipping scared out of his wits? If not, why isn’t he responding to my request even now?”

        A soldier with an AK next to him spoke up, “Boss, I guess they want to stall for a while so they can bargain later.”

        “Bargaining?” The pirate leader sneered disdainfully, “This is a big ship, nearly 20,000 containers full of goodies bound for Europe, there’s no telling how many goodies are in it, they won’t be able to cut the price! If they don’t pay, I’ll open all 20,000 containers!”

        The soldier said awkwardly, “Boss, we only have one crane at the dock, it can only lift one container at a time, how can we get all 20,000+ containers down ……”

        The pirate leader laughed, “It’s not that simple? When the time comes, we’ll just open the boxes at sea! The valuable things will stay and throw the boxes into the sea, and as for those that are not valuable, just throw them into the sea with the goods!”

        The soldier said excitedly, “So many chests, I wonder if we can open any good things!”

        The pirate leader sneered, “Don’t worry, there will be plenty of goodies, maybe even a batch of Porsche sports cars!”

        Another soldier next to him said hurriedly, “Boss, that ship is going from China to Europe, but Porsches are made in Europe, so there is almost no chance that there are Porsches on that ship.”

        The pirate leader slapped him across the face and cursed, “D*mn it, I told you to talk too much! You’re the only one who knows more, aren’t you?”

        The soldier who had been slapped immediately took a few steps back and lowered his head with an aggrieved expression.

        At this time, the Xing Long, which had been hijacked by his men, suddenly sent a message through the radio.

        On the radio, a strange man spoke, “Which one is Badr? Tell him to talk to me.”

        The pirate leader was suddenly stunned and frowned, “What man is speaking?!”

        One of the communications men guarding the radio shook his head blankly and said, “It seems to be coming from that Chinese freighter that we are is kidnapping …… and it doesn’t sound like one of ours ……”

        “Sh*t!” The pirate leader Badr instantly cursed in anger, “Have a few of their brains been eaten by dogs? Why did they reveal my name to the others?”

        As he said that, he had already walked to the radio, reached for the intercom, and coldly questioned, “Is this the first time you guys have kidnapped a ship? Why did you let a hostage talk directly to me?!”

        A cold laugh came from the other end of the radio, and then the other party said in a tone of complete authority, “I want to inform you that eight of your men have been controlled by the Ten Thousand Dragons Temple, and two of them have been killed by us because of their obstinacy, and the remaining six of them, you must ransom them immediately with six million dollars, otherwise, you will be responsible for the consequences!”

        “What?!” Badr was dumbfounded and then cursed angrily, “Who the hell are you? How dare you make a move against one of my men, I think you are tired of living, aren’t you?!”

        The other party said coldly, “As I said, I am from the Ten Thousand Dragons Hall, I know Somalia is very backward, but you haven’t even heard of the Ten Thousand Dragons Hall, have you?”

        Only then did Badr come back to his senses, and his heart shook.

        He didn’t expect that the famous Dragon Palace in the mercenary world would have anything to do with the cargo ship he had hijacked, and he subconsciously asked, “What does it have to do with your Dragon Palace if I’m doing my business?”

        The other party said in a cold voice, “The Ten Thousand Dragons Temple has now officially started to conduct armed escorts in the Gulf of Aden, if your people dare to lay hands on the cargo ships escorted by the Ten Thousand Dragons Temple, then our Ten Thousand Dragons Temple will never be soft!”