Secret Great Phoenix Chen Chapter 3681

After this statement was made, the dust finally settled on the public opinion discussion on why rich people could not participate in the trial of Jiu Xuan Zai Zai Pills.

In order to ensure that there was as little as possible of a situation where the patient had pa*sed the review and the person was no longer there, Ye Chen asked Wei Liang to have all the reviews done within a week, and at the same time the big list was to be published, and a week later, the selected hundred patients were to be allowed to start taking the Jiu Xuan Zai Zai Pills.

Immediately afterwards, another big news suddenly came out from the Gulf of Aden, which had been unsettled in recent times.

A number of pirate forces in the Gulf of Aden were mobilised and hijacked six cargo ships at noon that day.

The news spread and shocked the world!

Including Ye Chen, who was in China, received the news from the major news media at the first time.

The way pirates hijack cargo ships in the Gulf of Aden is very simple and brutal, nothing more than using speedboats to intercept slow-moving cargo ships, using a variety of weapons to deter each other to give up resistance, and then board the ship to control all the crew, and then drive the ship to their home base, waiting for the owner to get money to ransom them.

This time, when they hijacked several other ships, they were met with resistance from the international security personnel and there were casualties on both sides.

However, the hijacking of the Xinglong was the only one that went extremely smoothly.

There was little resistance from the Xinglong, except for a few crew members who used high-pressure water jets to spray a token amount of water.

The pirates then boarded the cargo ship and were delighted to find that the owner of the Xinglong was too stingy to even hire security personnel for the ship.

So, gleefully, they took control of the entire ship’s crew of several dozen.

Immediately afterwards, the Xinglong began to change course and headed for their home base.

As soon as the ship had turned, the pirates were eager to report the news of the successful hijacking to their leader.

When the leader heard that he had successfully hijacked a cargo ship with nearly 20,000 containers, he was overjoyed and felt that he had caught a big fish.

So he immediately released a message to the public, claiming that he had hijacked the Xinglong and called out to the owner of the Xinglong, demanding that the owner pay them a ransom of US$10 million.

They had no idea who the owner of the Xing Long was.

However, according to their experience, if they announced the ship’s information to the public, the owner would come to them immediately.

As in the past, once the owner confirms that the ship has been hijacked, he will immediately communicate with the leader of the pirate group, asking them not to harm the crew on the one hand, and bargaining over the price on the other.

The pirates can afford to delay the hijacking, but the shipowner cannot.

Nowadays, shipping prices are so high that a trip can earn as much as $100 million. If a hijacking causes a delay, not only will the ship’s revenue be lost, but the owner will also have to pay for the loss.

Sometimes the losses incurred in a day’s delay can exceed several million dollars.

But what the pirate leader did not expect was that the Isu shipping company from China did not contact them first.

On the contrary, Ye Chen was the first to receive a call from He Zhiqiu.

As soon as the call came through, she said somewhat nervously, “Mr. Ye, our ship has been hijacked!”

“Yes.” Ye Chen smiled faintly, “I saw the news.”

He Zhiqiu said anxiously, “The hijackers have put out a ransom demand of ten million dollars, I haven’t given them a reply yet, didn’t you just arrange for the Man Long Temple to escort the ship? This ship just fed back eight hours ago that soldiers from the Ten Thousand Dragons Temple had already boarded the ship, how could this still happen ……”

Ye Chen laughed, “This is the request I set for the Ten Thousand Dragons Temple.”

“Ah?” He Zhiqiu froze and asked offhandedly, “Why?”

Ye Chen laughed, “Don’t worry for now, the ship will definitely be fine, and as for why, you will soon know.”