Secret Great Phoenix Chen Chapter 4598

Saying that, Ye Chen asked with concern, “How are you feeling now? Is there any obvious discomfort?”

The old lady suddenly froze and said in surprise, “Aiya, after hearing you say that …… I really don’t seem to be uncomfortable anywhere ……”

The old lady tried to sit up by herself and felt very light. Earlier, she had almost lost half of her life because of the stroke, but now she did not feel the slightest sign of stroke and her whole body was in a surprisingly good condition.

Several of the children were shocked and speechless.

The doctors even thought that the old lady was dying and would pa*s away in a day or two.

However, Chen Zhaozhong’s elder brother fed her an unknown elixir, and as a result, not only did she lose her stroke symptoms, but she was also glowing, which was really unbelievable.

Chen Zhao Zhong hurriedly looked at Ye Chen and asked him, “Young Master Ye, is my mother ready to be discharged from the hospital?

Ye Chen nodded, “Basically, there is no longer any need to stay in hospital for observation.”

Chen Zhao Zhong was excited and said to the old lady, “Mom, let’s go home!”

The old lady said, “There’s no rush to go home first, you’ve hardly come home for a reunion, we have to go to Sandy Ridge first, you haven’t come back for so many years, you must go to pay respect to your dad first!”

“Sandy Ridge?” Chen Zhao Zhong was surprised and asked, “Dad is buried in Sandy Ridge? That place is too remote, I remember it was a place that the Hong Kong government used to use exclusively for the burial of nameless corpses ……”

His younger brother Chen Zhaozu, who was on the side, hurriedly explained, “Big brother, you haven’t been back to Hong Kong Island for many years, so you may not know much about the situation on Hong Kong Island. ”

Said Chen Zhaozu, his eyes red, continued, “Back then, before Dad left, in order to give him medical treatment, the family’s money was almost spent, after he left, the family simply could not afford to buy a decent cemetery ……”

“In fact, not to mention the cemetery, at that time we could not even afford to buy a niche, coincidentally at that time the Sandy Ridge Cemetery was about to be developed, a new batch of cemeteries were built, and it was only with the help of Miss Fang that we were able to buy a regular cemetery for Dad in Sandy Ridge, compared to those who could only be dedicated to the deceased in a niche, it was already very rare for Dad to be truly laid to rest …… ”

Chen Zhao Zhong’s little sister also could not help but choke up, “It is still the fault of us children who are incapable of …… Otherwise, there is no need for Miss Fang to help out, because of this matter, Liu Jiahui even scolded her ……”

Chen Zhao Zhong pursed his lips and subconsciously asked, “Jia Xin …… Oh no, Mrs. Liu does she come over often?”

Chen Zhao Zhong’s little sister explained, “At first, she came often, when Liu Jia Hui first married her, she was very spoiled and basically let her do everything, so she often came over to see mum and dad, then after dad died, she didn’t dare to come blatantly anymore, and came less often, the other day mum was hospitalized, she even came specially, and gave some money, but we didn’t confiscate ……”

She paused and added: “Big brother …… In fact …… In fact, thanks to Miss Fang’s care over the years, the family has been able to come this far …… So you shouldn’t hate her too much for what happened back then ……”

Chen Zhao Zhong’s expression was a bit complicated for a moment, and he couldn’t help but ask, “For so many years, how come none of you have ever told me about these things?”

The little sister hesitated for a moment and spoke, “Miss Fang didn’t let us tell you …… She said she had already put you through a lot of trouble and didn’t want you to suffer any more because of her after she left you ……”

At this moment, Chen Zhao Zhong’s heart was filled with mixed feelings.

Although he had long since let go of the matter of Fang Jiaxin leaving him, once he heard that the other party had never forgotten his parents and family for so many years, his heart instantly throbbed a little again.

There are times when, if the other party is desperate enough, the one who is hurt can come out with a vengeance.

However, the fear is that this kind of inseparable state, suddenly learn that the other party in his heart is more or less still have some place for himself, that kind of feeling is more likely to make people fall deeper into it ……