Secret Great Phoenix Chen Chapter 4597

At this moment, the old lady had lost all her senses and her life breath was even very weak.

Chen Zhaozhong and his mother had not seen each other for twenty years, and now they were finally reunited, but he did not expect that his mother was already dying, and it had become difficult for her to even look at him.

Thinking back on the twenty years he had not been able to be there for his parents, Chen broke down and cried like a child as he held his mother’s hand.

His younger siblings were affected by him and also gathered around his mother’s bed and cried.

Seeing this, Ye Chen deliberately took out a blood dispersing heart saving pill from his body, walked up and handed it to Chen Zhao Zhong, “Uncle Zhong, this pill should be able to cure your mother, so you should feed it to her now.”

Chen Zhao Zhong looked at the elixir and instantly remembered something, so he subconsciously went to his pocket and pulled out a small wooden box from it and said seriously, “Young Master Ye, the elixir you gave me before, I still carry it close to me all the time, this, can it cure my mother?”

Ye Chen nodded and said, “Yes, my grandfather was extremely ill before and was saved by an elixir.”

Chen Zhao Zhong could not hold back his delight and said, “That would be great, thank you Young Master Ye, I will give this to my mother to take!”

After saying that, he immediately opened the wooden box and took out the blood dispersing and heart saving pill from inside.

Ye Chen didn’t insist any further and silently withdrew the pill he had taken out.

Chen Zhao Zhong immediately took off his mother’s oxygen mask and said to his brother, “Ah Zu, help me help my mother up.”

His brother hurriedly did as he was told and gently lifted the upper half of the old lady’s body up.

Chen Zhao Zhong put the elixir given to him by Ye Chen into the old lady’s mouth, and then stared at her with rapt attention, expecting a miracle to happen.

And the Blood Dispersing and Heart Saving Pill never disappointed.

After only a few seconds, the old lady’s waxy face took on a colour of blood and her breathing, which had been extremely weak, gradually became even and strong.

Perhaps because she hadn’t adjusted to the light at once, the old lady couldn’t see anything for a while, and she said in a vague voice: “Joe …… I just had a dream …… I dreamed that your big brother came back ……”

Several of the children were speechless with shock, no one had expected that Ye Chen’s elixir would be so effective, in a matter of ten seconds, the person had awakened from a deep coma!

The old mother’s first words after she woke up also made Chen Zhao Zhong cry out instantly, he choked out, “Mom, I’m Ah Zhong, I’m back!”

“Ah …… Ah Zhong?!”

The old lady’s body was stunned as she raised her hand to rub her eyes.

After her vision gradually returned and the scene in front of her gradually became clearer, she stared at Chen Zhao Zhong with wide eyes for a long time before suddenly reaching out her hand to slap him and cursed angrily, “b*****d, who told you to come back!”

After that, she looked angrily at her second son and two daughters and questioned, “Who told you to call your elder brother back? Didn’t I tell you that I can’t tell him even if I die! As soon as he returns to Hong Kong Island, Liu’s name will kill him!”

Chen Zhao Zhong was busy saying, “Mom, don’t worry, I’ve made up with Liu, no one will want me dead!”

“How is that possible?” The old lady couldn’t believe it and blurted out, “Last time Jia Xin came to see me, she even asked me to tell you not to go back to Hong Kong Island, saying that Liu refused to let you go for so many years, you made him be laughed at by the whole Hong Kong Island, he has always hated you to the core, how could he reconcile with you?”

Chen Zhao Zhong turned around, pointed at Ye Chen, and said to the old lady, “Mom, thanks to Young Master Ye’s help in mediating between me, Liu Jia Hui also reconciled with me because of his face.”

Saying that, Chen Zhao Zhong added, “By the way mum, it is also thanks to the elixir Young Master Ye gave you that you were able to wake up.”

The old lady looked at Ye Chen and was surprised to see how young he was, but she still said with great respect, “Young Master Ye, on behalf of our whole family, I thank you for your great kindness!”

Ye Chen said, “Granny, don’t be polite, Uncle Zhong was my father’s best friend, this is all I should do.”