Secret Great Phoenix Chen Chapter 3737

        Speaking of this, Fei Ke Xin couldn’t help but sigh, “I’m curious, how on earth did a young woman who lost her parents long ago and was somewhat on the fringes of her family manage to do all this ……”

        Chen Ying Shan said, “I reckon that this Song Wanting, should be one of those strong women with extraordinary means.”

        Fei Ke Xin smacked her lips and said, “If that’s true, then this woman is not an ordinary strong woman, otherwise, how could she have won the battle for the hundred billion family fortune?”

        Saying that, Fei Ke Xin added, “There’s also Jiu Xuan Pharmaceutical! This company’s predecessor was Wei Pharmaceutical in Jinling, and Kobayashi Pharmaceutical in Japan, these two companies, the difference in scale is huge, the highest market value that can be traced for Wei Pharmaceutical is only a few billion RMB, but Kobayashi Pharmaceutical’s market value at its peak reached hundreds of billions of RMB, a hundred times that of Wei Pharmaceutical.”

        “But such two pharmaceutical companies from different countries, of different sizes and with different focuses, have completed a merger! And, after the merger, both of them are only minority shareholders, while the majority shareholder is a very mysterious offshore company.

        “These two pharmaceutical companies, both of which are family businesses, the founder of Wei Pharmaceutical is named Wei Yongzheng and the founder of Kobayashi Pharmaceutical is named Kobayashi Masao.”

        “And Wei Liang, the current general manager of Jiu Xuan Pharmaceuticals, is the illegitimate son of Wei Yongzheng, the founder of Wei’s Pharmaceuticals, who previously didn’t even have a proper position at Wei’s Pharmaceuticals, but was just a driver and small a*sistant to his half-brother Wei Changming.”

        “This shows that this Wei Liang’s situation in the Wei family is much worse than Song Wanting’s previous situation in the Song family! It’s no longer a matter of him being unappreciated in the Wei family, he’s even receiving intense suppression and ostracism.”

        “However, it was such a much-oppressed b*****d son who managed to turn over a new leaf and successfully inherit Wei Pharmaceutical last year!”

        “Moreover, after Wei Liang inherited Wei Pharmaceutical, Wei Pharmaceutical could not find any information about Wei Yongzheng or Wei Liang’s elder brother Wei Changming!”

        “If I’m right, this father and son have also been kicked out.”

        “Song Wanting has only kicked out her eldest uncle and cousin, her grandfather Song Jimo is still alive after all, so taking a step back, if her grandfather fully supports her, then it’s not impossible for her to inherit the family headship.”

        “But this Wei Liang, however, kicked out his father and half-brother, who owned Wei Pharmaceuticals, so I wonder how he, an illegitimate son who could only serve as a servant to his brother in the family, managed to get his father to voluntarily step aside and give way? It’s illogical!”

        Hearing this, Chen Ying Shan could not help but exclaim, “Miss, do you think that behind both of them, there could be a noble person helping them?”

        Fei Ke Xin said with conviction, “There must be!”

        After saying that, she added, “After Wei Liang inherited Wei Pharmaceutical, he took the initiative to merge Wei Pharmaceutical into Jiu Xuan Pharmaceutical, but Jiu Xuan Pharmaceutical is only a shell that has just been registered for less than a year, that’s just as well, but Xiao Lin Pharmaceutical, which has a market value of over 100 billion RMB, also took the initiative to merge into Jiu Xuan Pharmaceutical, this is even more unbelievable!”

        Then, she flipped out the information of Kobayashi Pharmaceuticals, pointed to the picture of Masao Kobayashi on it and spoke, “This person, is the founder of Kobayashi Pharmaceuticals, and also the former president of Kobayashi Pharmaceuticals Co Ltd, Masao Kobayashi.”

        “But this Kobayashi Masao died of poisoning some time ago, and it was once rumoured that Kobayashi Ichiro had killed his father, and his brother Kobayashi Jiro even offered a huge reward to kill Kobayashi Ichiro to avenge his father’s death.”

        “However, Kobayashi Jiro soon disappeared and Kobayashi Ichiro regained control of Kobayashi Pharmaceuticals and then merged Kobayashi Pharmaceuticals into Jiu Xuan Pharmaceuticals, and Kobayashi Ichiro even gave up 90% of Kobayashi Pharmaceuticals’ shares for this!”

        Chen Ying Shan was puzzled and said, “When I saw this, I also thought it was too unbelievable, I just couldn’t figure out who would so simply give up 90% of the several hundred billion family a*sets?”