Secret Great Phoenix Chen Chapter 4351

“One billion dollars?!”

Fei Ke Xin’s words instantly sent the world into an uproar.

In third world countries, the civil compensation attached to a human life is only a few thousand dollars.

In developing countries, it is only a few tens of thousands of dollars or at most hundreds of thousands of dollars.

In developed countries, it is true that there are often cases of very high damages, but tens of millions of dollars are at the top of the scale.

And, those tens of millions of dollars are usually secured by top legal teams racking their brains.

So the victim really only gets a small percentage of it, and a large portion goes almost entirely into the lawyer’s pocket.

And when Fei Ke Xin asked for a billion dollars each, what a concept! Almost like paying out a listed conglomerate to each victim’s family!

The video footage shows that the girls who died at the hands of Fei Hao Yang were at least in excess of twenty.

This also means that the Fei family will have to come up with at least twenty billion dollars to settle this matter.

This …… this can no longer be described as wealthy and generous.

It’s simply reckless and costless!

Therefore, in this instant, Fei Ke Xin’s image became abnormally tall in everyone’s eyes.

What kind of boldness could make this woman compensate one billion US dollars each at the very first word?!

Moreover, a billion dollars was already enough for any family, anywhere in the world, to live in top luxury and not be able to spend it all in several lifetimes.

This kind of compensation is unheard of! And impeccable!

I don’t know who applauded first, so the whole release hall became thunderous with applause that lasted forever!

What Fei Hao Yang had done had indeed made everyone gnash their teeth, but the attitude Fei Ke Xin had just demonstrated and the solution she had proposed had indeed convinced everyone.

Not shirking any responsibility, not avoiding any sensitive factors, and at the same time making up for the mistake at all costs, Fei Kexin’s solution had made it impossible for anyone to pick any fault.

Therefore, at this moment, everyone’s negative feelings towards the Fei family instantly dissipated.

However, Fei Ke Xin wasn’t finished at this point.

She waited for a few minutes, but did not wait for the applause to stop, so she could only hold out her hand to signal for everyone to stop clapping.

After waiting for about another minute, the applause finally stopped gradually.

Fei Ke Xin continued, “Specifically for the payment of this money, we will first fully communicate with the police, and after identifying the victim, take the initiative to contact the victim’s immediate family and pay the compensation to the victim’s immediate family; if the victim has no immediate family, we will donate the money to the women and children’s rights protection organisation in the victim’s birthplace, and the details of the donation will then be We will disclose it to the whole society and accept the supervision of the whole society.”

When Fei Ke Xin said this, the stage once again thundered with applause.

So far, the crowd had never seen any gentry noblemen who could handle their own scandals so well beyond expectations.

In the past, the first thing those gentry did after making a mistake was to clear the air, and when they couldn’t, they would find a whole host of excuses to justify themselves, or even simply play dumb and not respond.

However, Fei Kexin’s handling of the matter was perfect in everyone’s eyes, and was a textbook crisis PR exercise for all the top families.

It was only that the cost of this PR was also really high, with a compensation of 20 to 30 billion US dollars at the first instance, which even the top tycoons might not be able to have such courage.

Seeing that the crowd was so appreciative of her solution, Fei Ke Xin was finally relieved.

She knew that this crisis communication had been successful.

Although she had represented the Fei family and taken most of the blame, her attitude was sincere enough and her solution reasonable enough, so she had instead gained the forgiveness of the public.

This is what Ye Chen said, setting a dead horse.

Standing up straight and taking a beating is always much more painful than being scolded with your head covered.