Secret Great Phoenix Chen Chapter 4212

The vast majority of the Fei family’s top fighters are martial arts experts from all over the world.

In addition to the Chinese martial arts masters, there are also many masters who have studied the martial arts of other countries.

In the international martial arts arena, Korean Taekwondo, Japanese Karate, Ninjutsu, Thai boxing, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, as well as European and American Western Boxing and Combat Combat, all of which have a place and are very popular martial arts directions.

Most of these other martial arts, however, do not have a complete internal martial arts method, and most of them have only found a bit of internal martial arts by mistake.

Many Chinese martial arts schools have also gradually lost their internal martial arts techniques, so they have not been able to open up a large gap between their practical combat abilities and other martial arts.

At this stage, there are also many martial arts masters from other countries who have managed to raise their strength to the same level as five or even six-star martial artists in the Chinese martial arts.

It is even said that among the martial arts of other countries, there are also top masters at the Patriarch level, whose true combat power may not be inferior to that of Wan Bajun!

The Fei family, in order to improve its own strength, has accepted almost all the martial arts experts from all walks of life. Among the group of people sent here today, there are nearly ten people whose strength can reach the level of a four-star martial artist, and the rest are all in the two-star and three-star martial artist segment, so their overall combat power is still very strong.

After completing the customs formalities, the group did not dare to delay and immediately took the bus to Iga.

According to their original plan, after arriving in Iga, they would immediately launch an attack on the Iga ninja, directly capturing the thief first, and using it as a bargaining chip to negotiate with Hattori Kazuo and exchange for Fei Hoang.

The Fei family had even arranged a retreat plan in advance. After capturing the man, they would immediately take him to the nearest port and leave Japan by boat to avoid being traced by the Japanese government.

In the world of martial arts, ninjas are not considered strong.

It is only when the ninja are in the shadows that their strength can be brought into play; once the ninja are exposed in the open, their combat power is greatly diminished.

Therefore, this group of experts from the Fei family were very sure about this operation.

However, when they arrived in Iga City, they did not know that the Iga ninja compound had already been emptied of its occupants.

Waiting for them here were hundreds of armed and eager anti-terrorist troops.

The last time Su Ruo Li escaped from prison and disappeared at sea, it had been a great shame for the Japanese homeland security department.

If Su Ruoli had been unaccounted for, the Japanese side could barely console themselves with the excuse that Su Ruoli was probably dead.

Unfortunately, after the battle of Yelingshan, Su Ruoli suddenly announced in high profile that he had joined the Ten Thousand Dragons Temple, which made the Japanese side lose face.

The Japanese side could not do anything about such a huge mercenary organisation, and they only hoped that these mercenaries would never come to Japan to cause trouble.

Therefore, under such circumstances, they did not dare to ask the Ten Thousand Dragons Temple for people.

In fact, they knew very well in their hearts that since the Hall of Ten Thousand Dragons was so well-informed, they could not have been unaware of Su Ruoli’s feud with the Japanese side, but even under such circumstances, the Hall of Ten Thousand Dragons had announced Su Ruoli’s membership, so it was clear that it would cover Su Ruoli.

If the Japanese side really approached the Ten Thousand Dragons Temple to ask for someone, they would definitely have a problem with the Temple.

Therefore, the Japanese side simply pretended to be deaf and dumb and did not express any opinion on Su Ruoli’s joining the Ten Thousand Dragons Hall.