Secret Great Phoenix Chen Chapter 4211

However, this person in charge could never have dreamed that Wan Bajun had already had someone anonymously reveal a message to the Japanese Homeland Security Department a few hours ago, and the message was that an overseas force of over a hundred people would infiltrate into Iga City this night to carry out a terrorist attack.

Originally, according to the workflow of the Japanese security services, they had to systematically analyse the reliability of the information and confirm that it was credible enough before they would make advance deployment based on the information.

However, the mysterious person who tipped them off to this information made the entire security service stand on alert with just one statement.

This mystery man told the security services that the last time they were able to intercept the plane Su Ruoli and the other experts of the Su family were on at Osaka Airport, it was the information he provided.

In order to convince the Japanese security services, the mystery man also gave some details of the information he had provided that day. Once the Japanese security services found that the circumstances did match up very closely, they immediately established that the mystery man this time, and the mystery man who had helped them catch the Su family experts last time, were indeed the same!

This also meant that this person’s source of information was highly credible!

This immediately triggered the attention of the entire security department.

After the last Tokyo chaos and the tragic case in which Su Ruoli wiped out the Matsumoto family, the Japanese security services had been criticised by the domestic public.

After Su Ruoli’s successful escape from prison, the entire department’s face was lost.

The original head of the department had resigned long ago, and the new head of the department had been determined from his first day in office that he would not allow that Tokyo fiasco to be repeated under his tenure.

So, since that time, he has drawn up a series of stringent counter-terrorism programmes, even requiring counter-terrorism units across the country to be on 24-hour standby to ensure that no matter where a similar incident occurs in any part of Japan, the nearest counter-terrorism unit will be in place within two hours, while other counter-terrorism units will be in place within four hours.

This time, upon receiving a tip-off, the security services immediately secretly redeployed two counter-terrorism units from Osaka and Nagoya to Iga, sending over two hundred soldiers from both places, as well as more than ten special helicopters.

Before the Fei family’s experts had even landed, the Japanese anti-terrorist forces had already set up a heavenly net in Iga.

Ye Chen had thought before that it would be better to reveal the flight information directly to the Japanese homeland security department, just like what he did last time when he messed with the Su family.

That way, this group of experts from the Fei family would be held down by the Japanese security services before they had a chance to get off the plane.

But as he thought about it, this time the situation was very different from last time.

Last time, a group of experts from the Su family had been captured by the Japanese security services after committing a crime in Japan.

But this time, the group of experts from the Fei family had done nothing, and if they were directly held down by the homeland security department, at most, they would be investigated, and after confirming that there was nothing wrong, the Japanese security department would only have two options, either to let them enter the country or to repatriate them.

In that case, things would become insipid.

That was why Ye Chen had decided, by providing a tip-off, to have the Japanese security services squat in Iga in advance.

At that time, once this group of experts from the Fei family met with Japan’s homeland security department in Iga, there might be some unusual sparks of friction!