Secret Great Phoenix Chen Chapter 4213

But in doing so, it also caused Japan’s homeland security department to be wildly condemned by the domestic public.

The security services, who were holding their breath, had been trying to find an opportunity to turn the tide, but the current Japan, which was peaceful inside and out, had no stage for them to play.

At home, the Ito family has become the number one family in the country by a wide margin, and several major ninja forces are also dependent on the Ito family, so that the big families and ninja forces have completely stopped fighting.

And abroad, since Su Ruoli’s escape, there were few forces outside the country that focused their targets on Japan, and all of a sudden the entire security department was hung out to dry on the pillar of shame.

So, this mysterious tip-off became the key to the entire security department’s turnaround!


Iga City itself is a very small city, don’t look at the name with a city in it, but in fact it is just a few villages merged into one, to say that the population and size of the area is not as large as a township in China.

The majority of the population of this small city of 10,000 people are Japanese farmers who work hard in the surrounding countryside, and there are only 2,000 to 3,000 people living in the city.

Of these two or three thousand people, the Iga family itself accounted for several hundred.

Of the rest, apart from the civil servants, more than half of the ordinary citizens were in the service of the Iga family.

So, in the centre of this small town, most of the mansions were owned by Iga ninja, and the Iga family were the masters of the city.

Now, with the departure of the Iga family as the owners, many of the people in the town who served the Iga family have been given notice to take a leave of absence from their homes.

The town became dead at once.

Moreover, as the place is so small and the only selling point is the Iga ninja, there is little room for the tourist industry to develop both vertically and horizontally, so that there are very few tourists here.

It’s night time and there are very few people on the streets, not even a single tourist in sight.

For such a small town, the influx of hundreds of people at one go seemed a bit abrupt in itself.

When the Fei family arrived in dozens of vehicles, the Japanese anti-terrorist forces, who had been ambushed in Iga, had already spotted their presence.

The anti-terrorist forces began to wait for a suitable opportunity to kill the group.

This group of experts sent by the Fei family had also noticed something unusual at this time.

They originally thought that even if Iga City was small, a hundred or so people coming in should still not be too conspicuous.

But now look, the situation was very different from what they had expected.

There were already very few cars coming and going on the street, and as the dozens of them drove into Iga from various intersections one after another, the street was almost full of their cars.

One of the lieutenants felt that something was wrong and said on his mobile phone to the captain of another car, “Boss, why do I feel that something is wrong with this sh*tty place? There’s dead air everywhere ……”

“Yes …… I didn’t expect this city to be so cold either ……” that captain was also a bit puzzled, so he just ignored him and spoke, ” The Iga ninja’s residence is in the centre of the city in Iga-gun Castle, most of the Iga family members live there, including their current generation leader Hattori Hanzo, we must do it as soon as possible later, to catch the people as fast as possible, the city has the advantage of being small, the police here is estimated to add up to no more than fifty people, the armed police is estimated to be even less than twenty people, basically do not have to worry about it. And the traffic is very good here, so it’s easier to retreat, so all in all it’s good for us!”