Secret Great Phoenix Chen Chapter 4068

                Qiao Feiyu hurriedly explained, “This I really don’t know ah …… I only know that person is my brother’s top VIP, and all the top VIP’s identity is only known to my brother alone ……”

                Ye Chen turned to look at that team leader and said in a cold voice: “I ask you, is what he said true?”

                That team leader nodded his head repeatedly and said offhandedly, “What the third young master said is true …… Top VIP information, indeed only the eldest young master knows it alone ……”

                Ye Chen frowned tightly and asked that Qiao Feiyu: “Your Qiao family is at least a hundred billion dollar family, why would you do this kind of underhanded hook?”

                “This …… this ……” Qiao Feiyu became stammering all of a sudden.

                When Ye Chen saw him stammering and not speaking for half a day, he stamped his foot on the wound on his right leg and said in a stern voice, “Tell or not?”

                Qiao Feiyu bared his teeth in pain and said in a panic, “I’ll say …… I’ll say ……”

                Then, he said in a trembling voice: “My big brother he …… has long wanted to enlist as many of the top circles in Europe and America as possible, so …… so he has formed a special supply chain ……”

                Ye Chen frowned and asked, “What kind of supply chain? Supplying what! Women?”

                Qiao Feiyu said in a panic: “Not just women …… This supply chain …… specializes …… in providing all kinds of unseen services for those in the top circles …… Whatever they want and want to try, my brother will find a way to help them achieve it and satisfy those monstrous desires in their hearts ……”

                “Over time, many top people trusted my big brother a lot and would provide some favorable resources in many areas, and sometimes when they did any big projects, they would also pull on my brother, that’s why our family had the chance to develop rapidly in the past few years ……”

                Ye Chen was instantly furious and said in a cold voice, “Not only did you move up by kidnapping women, but you also put the idea on my sister Ye Chen, the Qiao family right, I’ll write it down!”

                After saying that, he questioned, “Let me ask you, how many innocent girls has your brother harmed over the years?!”

                Qiao Feiyu, seeing Ye Chen’s murderous aura, trembled in fear and said in a trembling voice: “No …… nor many ……”

                Ye Chen coldly snorted, raised his gun, and without hesitation, he shot him between the legs!

                Qiao Feiyu’s crotch was instantly a bloody mess, he covered the wound in pain and rolled on the ground, wailing incessantly, cold sweat was already flowing layer after layer on the surface of his body!

                Ye Chen stomped on Qiao Feiyu, who was rolling uncontrollably, and said in a cold voice, “I’ll give you one last chance, if you don’t tell the truth, I’ll have you lynched!”

                Qiao Feiyu cried out with a loud wow, and then shouted in a near-collapse, “How many exactly …… I …… don’t know …… probably …… in the range of four or five thousand …… I’ve told you everything I know …… please spare me ……”

                “Four or five thousand ……” Ye Chen clenched his teeth, looked at Wan Breaking Jun and said in a stern voice, “Breaking Jun! I’ll give you two more tasks!”

                Wan Bajun immediately stood up straight and said respectfully, “Mr. Ye, please give the order!”

                Ye Chen said coldly, “First, send your men to investigate all the gangs in Vancouver, if any gang has been involved in kidnapping young girls and human trafficking, kill all the top five ranking executives of their gangs! Carve eight big words on their foreheads with a knife: “They deserved to die!”

                Without hesitation, Wan Bajun said, “Don’t worry, Mr. Ye, I will complete the task!”

                Ye Chen said, “Second task, send someone to the United States to investigate all the dirty things of the Qiao family!”

                Wan Bajun asked, “Mr. Ye, do you want me to kill all the people in charge of the Qiao family?”

                Ye Chen waved his hand and said indifferently, “Leave it to me!”