Secret Great Phoenix Chen Chapter 4067

The young man looked at Ye Chen and said with a panicked expression, “Who the hell are you …… I have no enmity with you, why are you attacking me?!”

                Ye Chen laughed: “No enmity? Among those six girls you are going to trade from the Italian group today, one of them is my sister, how dare you have the face to say to me that you have no grudges and no enemies?”

                With that, Ye Chen directly took the pistol from Wan Bajun’s hand and fired a shot at his right leg.

                With a bang, a bloody hole was made in the young man’s right leg, and along with his painful scream, a large amount of blood quickly gushed out from the hole.

                The young man said in agony, “I just came over to pick up a few people, I don’t know anything else ah ……”

                “Is that so?” Ye Chen aimed his gun at his left leg and pulled the trigger without hesitation.

                After a gunshot, the young man hysterically held his legs and wailed, the whole person was already on the verge of pa*sing out from the pain.

                Ye Chen said in a cold voice: “If you say anything else I don’t want to hear, I’ll put a hole between your legs!”

                The other party cried out in fear, trembling and begging, “No …… no …… I’ll say …… I’ll say anything ……”

                Ye Chen coldly said, “First, introduce yourself, who is your last name and where you come from.”

                The other party cried, “I …… my name is Qiao Feiyu …… am the third young master of the Qiao family in Seattle ……”

                “The Qiao family?” Ye Chen frowned and asked Wan Bajun, “Bajun, do you know the Qiao family?”

                Wan Bajun pondered for a moment and said, “It seems to ring a bell, a family of Chinese descent, originally not too strong, all the a*sets combined are estimated to be only two or three hundred billion dollars, but in the past few years it has developed at a fast pace, the total a*sets are estimated to be close to a hundred billion dollars, and it has some influence on the west coast.”

                Ye Chen nodded, looked at Qiao Feiyu and said in a cold voice, “If your family has a*sets of a hundred billion dollars, why do you still want to do such harmful things? Is it to find excitement?”

                Qiao Feiyu cried, “No …… it wasn’t me who did it …… I just helped my big brother to go out to sea to pick up someone …… the rest I don’t know anything about ah ……”

                Ye Chen coldly questioned, “What kind of person did your big brother ask you to pick up?”

                Qiao Feiyu did not dare to conceal it and hurriedly said, “In the information submitted by the Italian group this time, there is a girl named Li Xiaofen, my big brother asked me to pick her up and take her to New York ……”

                Ye Chen had heard from the members of the Italian group before that the other party would send a yacht over to pick her up, and the odds were that some big man with a background had taken a fancy to one of the girls in this transaction.

                Now that he heard Qiao Feiyu mention Li Xiaofen’s name, he a*sumed that it was his big brother who had mischief in mind for Li Xiaofen.

                So he immediately put his gun against Qiao Feiyu’s head and questioned, “Isn’t your Qiao family in Seattle? Why did your elder brother ask you to send Li Xiaofen to New York? Seattle to New York is at least 4,000 kilometres across the entire United States, isn’t that asking for a distance?”

                Qiao Feiyu was busy saying, “He said that a big shot from New York had taken a liking to that Li Xiaofen, and the other party wanted my big brother to send her there as soon as possible, that’s why my big brother asked me to follow him over to pick up the goods, and also put me in charge of inspecting the goods ……”

                “Goods inspection?!” Ye Chen slapped Qiao Feiyu’s face hard, directly knocking out seven or eight of his teeth, and questioned in a stern voice: “You’re still in charge of inspecting the goods? Are you f*cking tired of living?”

                Qiao Feiyu hurriedly cried and explained, “It’s not what you think …… My elder brother asked me to inspect the goods, but to see with my own eyes whether Li Xiaofen’s actual appearance was the same as the photo, and if I was sure that there was no discrepancy between the actual appearance and the photo, I would contact him immediately and he would send a seaplane over and send that Li Xiaofen directly to New York ……”

                Saying that, he choked with aggression, “I would never dare to mess around with a girl who is normally looked at by a big shot ……”

                Ye Chen originally thought that Qiao Feiyu’s elder brother should be the big man who had taken a fancy to Li Xiaofen, but what he didn’t expect was that this big man was someone else.

                So, he immediately questioned, “Who is the big shot your big brother is talking about?!”