Secret Great Phoenix Chen Chapter 4066

                His entire body instantly fell to his knees in agony, and Wan Bajun threw him directly behind him and said to a member of the Ten Thousand Dragon Hall behind him, “Take him to the boat, except for him and the young boy in front of him, all the rest are finished off!”

                At these words, several soldiers of the Ten Thousand Dragon Hall immediately rushed to the fence and raised their guns to shoot at those who had jumped into the sea, as well as those who had been thrown into the sea.

                Wan Bajun, on the other hand, personally killed the young man whom Ye Chen had named to be kept alive.

                Several other soldiers from the Ten Thousand Dragon Hall aimed at the entourage around the young man, firing one after another with precision point blank.

                The young man’s side was suddenly splattered with blood.

                As he watched his entourage being shot in the head and falling to the ground one by one, the young man trembled with fear and fell to the deck, squirming backwards on his legs in a panic.

                At that moment, Wan Bajun had already arrived in front of him.

                The young man looked at Wan Breaking Jun with desperate eyes and blurted out, “I …… am the third young master of the American Qiao family, if you dare to kill me, the Qiao family will never spare you ……”

                Wan Bajun laughed and said, “Now it’s popular to come up and declare yourself, right? Well then, meet me, I am Wan Breaking Jun of the Ten Thousand Dragons Hall.”

                When the young man heard the words Wan Long Hall and Wan Bajun, his whole face was filled with shock as if he had been struck by lightning.

                He naturally knew the great name of Wan Bajun and knew that Wan Bajun was the Hall Master of the Ten Thousand Dragons Hall, but he could not believe that such a strong character as Wan Bajun would make a move against himself.

                Although the Qiao family was also somewhat famous in the United States, but in the final analysis, it was only the upper-middle cla*s level in the United States, so how could it possibly mess with the Hall of Ten Thousand Dragons?

                So, he subconsciously said, “You …… how can you be Wan Breaking …… Our Qiao family has never offended the Wan Long Temple …… Wan Long Temple How could you lay hands on me?”

                Wan Breaking Jun sneered, “Why did he lay hands on you, you will know in a moment.”

                After saying that, he walked forward and lifted the young man up like a chicken and took him directly back to the cargo ship.

                At this moment, a dozen corpses were already floating on the sea, and more than a dozen were also falling across the deck of the yacht.

                Several soldiers from the All Dragons Palace were ordered to start inspecting the yacht. They went deep inside the yacht, checked it out and found five more crew members hiding inside.

                After shooting these five down, they did not find the kidnapped girl inside the cabin and withdrew immediately.

                By this time, the stern of the yacht was sinking faster and faster, and the bow was buckling at a wider angle.

                After all the soldiers of the Ten Thousand Dragons Temple had withdrawn to the cargo ship, the angle at which that yacht was tilted, had already exceeded forty-five degrees.

                A few minutes later, the entire back half of the ship had sunk completely into the water and the front half was completely perpendicular to the surface.

                At this point, the whole boat began to sink into the sea at a very fast speed, and after less than twenty seconds back and forth, it disappeared without a trace.

                At this moment, all that was left on the surface of the sea was a pile of floating corpses, as well as the debris from the cruise ship’s explosion.

                After staring at the water surface for a moment and carefully observing it, confirming that Wan Bajun and the others had not left any survivors, Ye Chen turned around and looked at the two people on the deck who were tied up and shivering, walked straight up to the young man and said in a cold voice, “Come, introduce yourself first!”