Secret Great Phoenix Chen Chapter 4069

Hearing Ye Chen’s words, Qiao Feiyu was scared out of his wits.

                He knew very well in his heart that this Mr. Ye, although he did not know what his origins were, even the Hall Master of the Ten Thousand Dragons Hall, Wan Bajun, had pledged his allegiance to him, so it was clear that this Mr. Ye must be very powerful in his own right.

                The entire Ten Thousand Dragon Hall had tens of thousands of top mercenaries, the Qiao family could not possibly be a match for the Ten Thousand Dragon Hall, and if the other side really wanted to uproot the Qiao family, then he would definitely die at the front of the line.

                So, he could only make a difficult voice and begged, “Mr. Ye …… how much money you want, just ask …… as long as our Qiao family can afford it, we will not hesitate …… please be noble and spare us this time ……”

                Ye Chen looked at him and said in a cold voice: “It’s too late to beg for mercy now, you go first, after I find out who all your family members are involved in this series of events, I will send all those who are involved, to be reunited with you.”

                Qiao Feiyu’s face was full of fear and he begged like a madman, “Mr. Ye, don’t, Mr. Ye, it was my elder brother who did this, I’m innocent! If you want to kill him, you should kill him, not me!”

                Ye Chen sneered, “You knew full well what he was asking you to do, and you knew full well that what he was asking you to do was unconscionable, but instead of refusing, you still came to do it, this is knowingly committing a crime, those who knowingly commit a crime are not innocent, they deserve it!”

                Qiao Feiyu was immediately scared and trembled violently, crying and saying to Ye Chen: “Mr. Ye, I am really innocent …… I am only twenty-two years old …… I don’t want to die …… Please spare my life Mr. Ye ……”

                Ye Chen asked rhetorically, “Did the young girl word who was killed by you and your brother ever beg you guys like that? And what did you guys do?”

                Qiao Feiyu hurriedly said, “I didn’t …… I didn’t get anyone killed …… I really didn’t ……”

                After saying that, he pointed at the group leader beside him and said offhandedly, “He can testify for me!”

                Ye Chen pointed his gun at the team leader beside him and questioned, “Then come on, did he get anyone killed or not, if you dare to lie, I will make you die even worse than he did!”

                That team leader said offhandedly, almost without thinking, “Mr. Ye …… has had dozens …… of people killed by him, less …… and more than a hundred …… He and his brother …… are nicknamed …… Big and Small Yan King …… in the circle.”

                When Qiao Feiyu heard this, he roared in anger, “Zhao Yinsheng, you ungrateful son of a b*tch! How did my brother and I treat you normally? How dare you bite me back now!”

                Zhao Yinsheng immediately said righteously, “I’ve been displeased with you for a long time! It’s because you’re too harmful! I’ve always wanted to turn to the dark side, but I never found the chance! Now is the best time to do so!”

                Ye Chen smiled slightly, looked at Qiao Feiyu and asked him, “What else do you have to say, Sir Qiao?”

                Qiao Feiyu looked uneasily at Ye Chen and pleaded, “Mr. Ye …… As long as you can spare my life, whatever conditions you want, I will do my best to meet your demands ……”

                Ye Chen smiled and said, “I have just one request for you.”

                Qiao Feiyu thought he had grabbed the straw that saved his life and said in a panic: “Mr. Ye, please speak!”

                Ye Chen said in a cold voice: “Don’t be a human being in your next life.”

                After saying that, Ye Chen suddenly pulled the trigger.


                A bullet, hit Qiao Feiyu’s heart.

                Qiao Feiyu, who had been shot in the heart, did not die for a while, his entire body instantly lurched, staring at Ye Chen with wide eyes and a face full of hatred, wanting to say something but unable to do so, and after whimpering a few times, he completely fell to the ground.

                Ye Chen didn’t even look at him again and turned to Wan Bajun and said, “Bajun, the eight big words I just said, carve them on his forehead first! Then put on his life jacket and throw him into the sea!”

                “Okay Mr. Ye!”