Secret Great Phoenix Chen Chapter 4001

Ye Chen saw that this Claudia was no more than seventeen or eighteen years old, and her appearance seemed to be of mixed Eastern and Western descent.

With blue eyes, long eyelashes, a high nose and brown-black hair, her features were almost impeccable.

However, although her features were very beautiful and her face perfectly shaped, the only thing that stood out was a scar on the right side of her cheek all the way to her neck from a burn, a scar so pronounced that the whole of her skin had been completely screwed up, shocking to the eye and even a little gruesome looking.

Claudia also turned sideways somewhat deliberately, trying not to let Ye Chen see the scar on her right side, and even involuntarily pulled her collar upwards, trying to block it out as much as possible.

Ye Chen looked at Claudia and said politely, “Hello Claudia, your Chinese is very good!”

Claudia nodded slightly and said softly, “Thank you Mr. Ye for the compliment ……”

Li Xiaofen at the side introduced, “Brother Ye Chen, this is our number two employee in the shop, Claudia DiNorscio, Claudia’s mother is Chinese, her father is Italian, half Chinese, and she has been learning Chinese from her mother since she was a child, that’s why she is particularly fluent in Chinese, almost no different from us.”

“So that’s how it is.” Ye Chen nodded gently, his heart pondering.

Claudia said to Li Xiaofen with some nervousness at this moment, “Sister Fanny, there is no more cut bread, I will go to the back of the storehouse to bring some over.”

Li Xiaofen hurriedly nodded and said, “OK, go quickly.”

When Claudia turned around and went inside the storehouse, Li Xiaofen lowered her voice in Ye Chen’s ear and said, “Brother Ye Chen, Claudia is rather introverted, plus her parents and two younger brothers were burnt to death in a fire in her family, and her face and neck were also badly burnt, so she has been a bit less confident in general, but she is still very nice. , kind-hearted, and especially hardworking!”

Ye Chen nodded and could not help but sigh, “It seems that this girl’s life is quite tragic ……”

“Yes……” Li Xiaofen sighed lightly and said, “Her family is now the only one left, and her schoolmates often bullied her, so she dropped out of school, alone without a source of livelihood, living in a place without a place to stay, and then she came to shop to work part-time.”

Ye Chen asked curiously, “Did you recruit her here?”

“It was Auntie Li.” Li Xiaofen said, “When her mother was alive, occasionally she was too busy, so she sent her youngest brother to the nursery cla*s, and over time she became friends with Auntie Li, and her mother had come from Jinling some years ago, so she was a real hometown, so Auntie Li and her got along very well, but I didn’t expect that she would suddenly meet with an accident… …”

Saying that, Li Xiaofen added, “After Claudia’s family had an accident, she disappeared for almost half a month, and Auntie Li kept looking for her, and then when she came back, Auntie Li left her at home.”

“During that time, Claudia didn’t dare to come out to meet people, she didn’t go to school either, and then it was because she didn’t want to eat idle food at home every day that she insisted on coming to the shop to help, Auntie Li thought that this would also help her come out of the shadows as soon as possible, so she let her come over.”

Ye Chen nodded thoughtfully.

At this time, Claudia came out carrying a pile of sliced bread, and Li Xiaofen also hurried up to give her a hand.

Seeing that the workload was not too heavy, Ye Chen did not go up to help, but turned around and paced to the entrance of the convenience store.

Ye Chen stood at the entrance, took out the stick of gum he had just taken, gently pulled out a piece, peeled it open and put it in his mouth, chewing it while looking around.

The atmosphere of life in Hastings Street was very strong.

There are all sorts of shops with Chinese signs, mostly Cantonese restaurants and eateries.

The pedestrian areas on both sides of the road are also lined with mobile food carts, selling pancakes and buns, and others selling Northwest pork buns.

Although it was after lunchtime, the vendors were still doing good business.

Ye Chen stopped to look for a while, and his only feeling was that life here was peaceful and quiet, and he couldn’t see where the danger was at all.

At that moment, a few men and women in their seventeenth and eighteenth year, looking like secondary school students, came to the entrance of the convenience store in a group, they brushed past Ye Chen and pushed the door inside.