Secret Great Phoenix Chen Chapter 4503

Liu Manqiong blinked and gestured her slender jade hand along the direction of the head and tail of the small food street, and said with a smug smile, “This whole street, it’s all mine!”

“Ho!” Ye Chen couldn’t help but exclaim, “Boss is a big shot!”

Liu Manqiong laughed, “If you want to keep some people and things, you have to pay some price.”

Just after she finished speaking, several vendors on the roadside saw Liu Manqiong and all said very respectfully, “Hello Miss Manqiong!” The first one was “Miss Manqiong, you’re here!”, “Miss Manqiong, you’re here!” and “What would Miss Manqiong like to eat tonight?”

Liu Manqiong greeted them one by one and could even call them by their names.

The owner of this street at the time, in order to get rid of these vendors, increased the rent several times overnight after their leases expired, and many vendors could not afford to pay the rent, so they withdrew their stalls one after another. buy this place and give it to me no matter what, and as long as he was willing to buy it and give it to me, I would allow him to marry that woman into the family.”

So I became the owner of this street as I wished, and all the stalls and shops on both sides of this street are mine! How’s that for awesome?”

“Awesome.” Ye Chen smiled and asked, “So you hired these stallholders back after you bought this street, right?”

“Yes.” Liu Manqiong nodded, “I invited each and every one of them over and promised them that as long as they were still willing to open stalls here, I would never raise the rent, not only that, they operate here, all the expenses for water, electricity, cleaning and maintenance are all paid by me as well, these years prices have gone up so much that the rent they pay every year is actually not enough for the maintenance of this place, and every year they have to My dad’s company subsidises another part of it.”

Ye Chen smiled and said, “It seems that your father is still treating you well.”

Liu Manqiong nodded, “He is very good to me because for so many years, he has been very eager to exchange my forgiveness.”

Saying that, Liu Manqiong’s expression gradually went cold as she said seriously, “But my mother was really suffering when she left, every scene of her from her illness to her death is still vivid in my mind to this day, so I will never forgive him in my life.”

Seeing that Liu Manqiong’s eyes were red, she seemed to have brought back some painful memories, so Ye Chen asked, “By the way Miss Manqiong, Uncle Nan said that you have never brought a boy here, why did you bring me here for dinner today when we first met at your house?”

Liu Manqiong brushed her lips, “Don’t get ahead of yourself, I didn’t want to bring you here!”

Ye Chen was busy saying, “Didn’t you say at the dinner table that you would take me to eat some Hong Kong Island snacks in the evening?”

Liu Manqiong said offhandedly, “I did say that, but I didn’t want to bring you here. The reason I said that was to make you back off, but I didn’t expect you to have the cheek to agree.”

Saying that, Liu Manqiong added, “Besides, there are more snack streets in Hong Kong Island, since you agreed, then I can get rid of you by finding a random one.”

Ye Chen asked in confusion, “Then why are we here now?”

Liu Manqiong was speechless for a moment, and her fair face, not knowing whether it was because of nervousness or shame, actually flushed a few rates of red.

So, she hurriedly said with a stiff mouth, “The reason why I brought you here is because I am worried that Zhong’s family will come here to retaliate against you, if they do come here, I have so many acquaintances here, so I can more or less cover you.”

Ye Chen bristled, “I don’t believe it, you think I still need someone to cover me?”

Liu Manqiong gave him a puffy white look and said, “Fine, fine, fine, you’re the best! Aren’t you going to Lan Kwai Fong tonight? I’m waiting to see you kill it all in Lan Kwai Fong!”

Ye Chen smiled and asked, “Do you really want to watch?”

Liu Manqiong gambled, “Yes! I really want to see it! I’m just afraid that you won’t be able to cover it and I’ll have to find a way to beg someone to save you!”

Ye Chen snapped his fingers and raised his eyebrows, “Since you want to see it, then I will definitely do what you want!”