Secret Great Phoenix Chen Chapter 4099

At this moment, Qiao Feiyun was completely unaware that he had been exposed.

On the way to the airport, he kept telling his a*sistant to make sure that the Italian group’s families and Seattle were properly taken care of.

The a*sistant took note of this and asked, “Master, should we send someone to Vancouver to investigate the girls from last night and see what their current situation is? Maybe the person behind it has something to do with them.”

“No, don’t!” Qiao Feiyun refused without a second thought, “The other party was able to kidnap over 800 gang members in Vancouver in one go, with this kind of strength, if we still dare to go to Vancouver to investigate, we are definitely sending ourselves to death.

The a*sistant nodded gently and said respectfully, “I understand, Eldest Master.”

Qiao Feiyun instructed again, “From today onwards, stop all business in this area, we must keep a low profile so as not to cause trouble outside.”

“Okay Young Master, I understand!” The a*sistant had to give up on the idea.

Half an hour later, Qiao Feiyun took a private jet and hurriedly left Seattle for New York.

The intelligence officers of the Wan Long Temple easily looked up the registration numbers of several private jets under his name, and then made enquiries about the real-time status of these jets.

They soon discovered that there was only one aircraft under Qiao Feiyun’s name that was in sailing status.

This one, Boeing bbj business jet number 2674, had just taken off from Seattle, and the real-time position, altitude and speed of this aircraft could be seen on the publicly available radar map of the airport in Seattle.

They then easily checked the flight path permit applied for by this business jet and found that the plane’s destination was actually New York!

When the news came back to Ye Chen’s ears, Ye Chen couldn’t help but smile and say, “I thought this Qiao Feiyun was running away to somewhere, but I didn’t expect it to be to New York …… New York is only about two hundred kilometres from Providence where my wife studies, the more this guy runs the closer he is to me surprisingly.”

Wan Bajun was busy saying, “Mr. Ye, do you need my subordinates to deploy more men to New York, just in case?”

Ye Chen nodded and said, “Since we want to uproot Qiao Feiyun and his upper and lower families, we will definitely need a lot of manpower to cooperate.”

He also said, “How about this, you should deploy more people to New York today, but make sure not to fly a large group of people directly from the Middle East, that would be too easy to attract attention, it is better for everyone to leave from the Middle East first, scatter around the world, and then each go to New York, each find a hotel and settle down, ready to listen to the next instructions. ”

Wan Bajun immediately said respectfully, “Yes, Mr. Ye, I will deploy a thousand elites and have them arrive in New York one after another within the next three days as you requested.”

“Good!” Ye Chen smiled faintly and said, “Choosing the battlefield in New York is really friendly to me, it just so happens that I still have a month to play with them properly!”

Wan Bajun nodded and asked again, “Mr. Ye, my subordinate also intends to travel to New York to wait for your next instructions at any time, what do you think?”

Ye Chen asked him, “Will there be any trouble for your identity to go to the United States? Their Homeland Security will surely be very nervous when you go to America, right?”

“No.” Wan Bajun said confidently, “I have several legitimate American identities, one of them is a Greater China executive of an American company, this company is invested by the Wan Long Temple, the person in charge is also a member of the Wan Long Temple, the details of this identity are all done very realistically as well, there won’t be any problems.”

“Good.” Ye Chen nodded and said, “In that case, then you should also go to New York and wait for me.”

After formulating this, Ye Chen looked at the time and said to Auntie Li and the three of them, “Auntie Li, Fanny, Claudia, I have to go back to the United States first, this side of Canada should be safe for the next period of time, and there are still generals from the Hall of Ten Thousand Dragons here for secret protection, you three just work and live normally, don’t worry about anything else. ”

Auntie Li nodded and said, “Ye Chen, you should hurry back to accompany Churan, she is a girl, she will definitely be a bit uncomfortable being in a foreign country by herself.”