Secret Great Phoenix Chen Chapter 4098

However, it was not good for him to initiate such a request, after all, he was a man who specialized in dirty work to Fei Hoang, so he knew very well that most of the time, Fei Hoang would keep a certain distance from himself in his normal life.

It was a good thing that Fei Hao Yang was now preoccupied with fixing Gu Qiuyi, and when he heard that Qiao Feiyun was coming to New York, he naturally wanted him to stay at his house so that the two of them could discuss the matter properly.

So, without thinking, Qiao Feiyun said, “Okay, in that case, I’ll prepare and fly there directly!”

Fei Hao Yang was also kind enough to speak, “Let me know before you take off, I’ll have the butler pick you up at the airport!”

“Okay Young Master Fei, let you take the trouble!”

Qiao Feiyun thanked him and hung up the phone, then he immediately called his a*sistant and instructed, “Tell the crew to get ready, I’m going to New York.”

The a*sistant tentatively pointed to Qiao Feiyu’s corpse and asked him in a low voice, “Young master, what about the third young master’s afterlife if we go to New York now?”

Qiao Feiyun barked, “Put Feiyu’s body in the funeral parlour for the time being, in addition to blocking out the news, don’t let anyone know about him, after I go to New York, you go and pacify the families of those crew members, say that the ship met with a shipwreck and the people have gone missing, give them a pension straight away and tell them to shut up.”

The a*sistant asked again, “Young master, what about the master and wife? Should we tell them?”

“For now, it’s better not to.” Qiao Feiyun shook his head and said, “They don’t know exactly what I’m doing, so try not to drag them into this, and keep Feiyu’s affairs a secret from them for the time being. If they ask, just say that Feiyu asked me for a sum of money and took some girls to Paris for a holiday, so that they don’t overdo it or bother.”

Qiao Feiyu’s playful and promiscuous habits were well known to his family.

He was known in Seattle as a promiscuous rich kid who changed his girlfriends faster than he changed his clothes, and all of them were internet celebrities who were famous in Seattle and even in the whole United States, and taking girls on holidays abroad was also a common occurrence.

It was precisely for this reason that Qiao Feiyun was absolutely sure that if he told his parents this, they would not suspect anything.

As for how long the lie would last, Qiao Feiyun didn’t know, but he couldn’t care less. The most important thing right now was that he had to get out of Seattle before the person behind his brother’s death came to his door.

However, what Qiao Feiyun did not know was that while he was still waiting for his brother’s body to be brought back from the sea, a number of generals from the Ten Thousand Dragons Temple had already arrived in Seattle from Canada and the school where Xiao Churan was.

Using their own intelligence network, they had already monitored both Qiao Feiyun’s home and company, and when they found out that Qiao Feiyun had rushed from his home to the funeral home, they followed quietly all the way.

Soon, Qiao Feiyun, surrounded by several bodyguards, hurriedly boarded a car and prepared to travel from the funeral parlour to the airport, and this movement was spotted by the generals of the Ten Thousand Dragons Temple.

After following him for some distance, the soldiers found that the car he was in was heading straight for the airport, so the team leader who was leading the team immediately reported to Wan Bajun, “Hall Master, we found that Qiao Feiyun was heading for the airport, should we stop them now?”

Wan Bajun immediately reported the situation to Ye Chen and asked him to give the order.

But Ye Chen smiled faintly and said, “Coming out of the funeral hall and going straight to the airport, he must be scared and planning to run away, why don’t we let him go first and see where he is planning to go and who he is planning to meet!”