Secret Great Phoenix Chen Chapter 4097

Qiao Feiyun still tried to think of a way to persuade Fei Hao Yang to give up, but Fei Hao Yang could not hide his excitement and said in a trembling voice: “D*mn it …… I’ve been with so many women, but all of them together are not as good as one Gu Qiuyi …… If I could get Gu Qiuyi too, then my life would be truly complete!”

“Besides, the ones I’ve been doing have always been ordinary people with little background and no ripples at all afterwards, and to be honest, I’ve long since grown tired of it.

Qiao Feiyun said, “Young Master Fei, Gu Qiuyi is indeed the best of women, but the risk is too great, and if it is really exposed, you will have a hard time getting out of it!”

Fei Hao Yang said excitedly, “It’s because of the risk, that’s why it’s exciting!”

He said, “Feiyun, all walks of life have their own highest pursuit, those who play football want to win the World Cup, those who run want to win the Olympics, who doesn’t want to win a world championship, set a world record or something so that future generations can admire? For me, Gu Qiuyi is my world championship trophy, my world record!”

After a pause, Fei Hao Yang added: “Gu Qiuyi will soon be retiring from the entertainment industry, this is her last farewell tour before she launches, and it’s also her last appearance in the public eye as a star, and coincidentally, she has chosen New York as her first stop! It was meant to be! Even God is giving me a chance, so how can I not take advantage of it!”

Qiao Feiyun was about to say something else, but Fei Hao Yang was already getting more and more excited as he couldn’t hold back his excitement and said with a smile, “If I can get Gu Qiuyi this time, I’ll definitely record the whole thing and film all the details, and when I’m dead, I’ll publish it for the world to know another side of me, hahaha! By then I’m afraid I’ll be on the front page headlines all over the world for months on end!”

Qiao Feiyun had been racking his brains for many years in the service of this gang of demons.

At one time, he was even afraid that these demons were not bad enough and could not let go, thus trying every possible way to stimulate the brutal and bloodthirsty nature in their bones, so that they could go further and further down the road of indulgence.

To put it bluntly, he was a coach who nurtured demons.

But at this moment, after he heard Fei Hao Yang’s series of grand ambitions, he was suddenly afraid.

He was afraid that Fei Hao Yang’s perverted mentality of pursuing higher thrills would drag himself down someday in the future.

But although he was afraid, he still did not dare to be disobedient to Fei Hao Yang in spite of his internal and external worries.

The current situation left him with no choice but to do everything he could to bind himself to Fei Hao Yang and then follow him down a path to black!

Moreover, it occurred to him that he just had to leave Seattle for a while, so New York became a perfect place to go instead.

When he thought of this, he gritted his teeth and said, “Young Master Fei, I will plan this matter properly, and I must draw up an absolutely comprehensive plan! And one plan is not enough, there must be at least one or two alternative plans and contingency plans!”

Hearing this, Fei Hao Yang smiled with satisfaction and said, “Feiyun, with your intelligence, this will definitely work!”

Qiao Feiyun said, “By the way, Master Fei, I happen to be going to New York today for a break, so if you have time, we can meet up then, this is very difficult and there are only ten days left, we must prepare everything in advance.”

When Fei Hao Yang heard that Qiao Feiyun was planning to come to New York for a break, plus the matter of Gu Qiuyi was haunting him, so he said without thinking, “If you come to New York for a break, why don’t you just stay at my house and we can meet and have a good chat.”

When Qiao Feiyun heard this, his heart was overwhelmed with joy.

What he had in mind was to stay at Fei Hao Yang’s home for a few days. The Fei family had a huge estate in New York with tight security, and staying there would definitely ensure safety.