Secret Great Phoenix Chen Chapter 4096

If such a person went missing, at most it would generate a little attention in a small local community, it might not even make the news in the municipal media, and it would be much safer for Qiao Feiyun.

However, if Gu Qiuyi really went missing, the news would definitely explode all over the world.

At that time, in case the investigation goes to his head, wouldn’t it be a disaster?

Thinking of this, he hurriedly said, “Young Master Fei, I’ll say it from the bottom of my heart, you are also twenty-seven years old this year, just the right age for marriage, if you really like this Gu Qiuyi, you can totally pursue her and find a way to marry her ah ……”

The actual fact is that you’ll be able to get a lot more than just a few of these. She has been claiming for years that she is looking for her prince charming, and that she will not marry him. Might as well just kidnap her.”

I don’t intend to get married now, it’s too meaningless to get married. I’m not willing to give up a whole forest for a tree.”

Qiao Feiyun stammered, “But …… But …… You still have to get married sooner or later ……”

Fei Hao Yang said offhandedly, “That’s something for later, we’ll talk about later, right, isn’t that island of yours being developed? The time will come to get her there, when you’ve had enough, when to kill her, when the time comes to push the body into the incinerator to burn, scatter the ashes into the sea, God knows not, who can know that we did it?”

Qiao Feiyun’s back had been repeatedly soaked with cold sweat, and his nerves were all a bit numb.

At this time, Fei Hao Yang also noticed that Qiao Fei Yun was a bit of a pushover, so his voice immediately cooled down and he questioned, “I said Fei Yun, what do you mean by asking so many f*cking questions? Don’t you want to work for me, do you?” If you don’t f*cking do it, then I’ll find someone else to do it!”

Qiao Feiyun still had an unknown enemy hiding in the shadows, so he dared not offend Fei Haiyang at this time, after all, at this critical moment, Fei Haiyang was his lifeline.

So, he hurriedly said, “No, no, Young Master Fei, since you have asked for it, I will definitely try to help you do it.”

Saying that, he paused and added, “It’s just that …… It’s just that I’m afraid that it’s not easy to do it on the Chinese side!”

The first time I saw her, I said, “I don’t need to go to China, she’ll be touring North America soon! Originally she was scheduled to tour Canada first and then the US, but I heard that her agency has changed their plans and is opening in the US first, and the first show will be in New York! When the time comes, you just have to do it in New York!”

Qiao Feiyun hurriedly asked, “Young Master Fei, has the New York tour been scheduled?”

“It’s set.” Fei Hao Yang said with a smile, “Ten more days!”

Saying that, Fei Hao Yang added, “When Gu Qiuyi comes to the United States, it is definitely impossible to bring many bodyguards from China, the biggest possibility is to cooperate with a local American security company in advance, and have the American security company provide personnel, vehicles and other equipment to protect her closely;”

“When the time comes, you should pay attention in advance to see which security company she is working with, which security company it is, then get the list of specific security personnel, choose the one most suitable as a breakthrough point, pull him down first, then respond from the inside and find a suitable time to kidnap Gu Qiuyi, as long as you don’t leave any evidence, this matter will be done!”

Qiao Feiyun said awkwardly, “Young Master Fei, it’s very difficult to kidnap her from under the eyes of a whole security team, the slightest mistake would be a failure ……”

Fei Hao Yang laughed: “Difficult is the only way to show your value, I have helped you a lot in business these years, in the future I will have more say in the Fei family, so naturally I can help you more, Fei Yun, now is the time for you to repay me properly!”