Secret Great Phoenix Chen Chapter 3720

Helena had not expected that Ye Chen had called to arrange a VIP seat for her grandmother.

She knew that with that strength of the Nordic royal family, they couldn’t even get into the top two hundred of the registration, so what qualification would they have to occupy the even rarer VIP seats.

Therefore, she said with some trepidation, “Mr. Ye …… will this make it too difficult for you …… actually you don’t have to go to such trouble …… ”

Ye Chen on the phone smiled lightly and said seriously, “Your grandmother has done a lot of publicity work for me, so I naturally need to show my appreciation, but it depends on her old man’s mood, if she is willing to come it would be best, if she is not willing to toss so far, then I won’t force it.”

Helena was busy saying, “No no …… I won’t hide it from you Mr. Ye, my grandmother was just telling me about this matter, she thinks that it might be difficult for our Nordic royal family’s financial resources to be selected in the end, but she wants to go to the auction for a long time, she is very frustrated in her heart, I believe that after she knows about this matter, she will be very happy!”

Ye Chen smiled, “That would be perfect, you tell her about it, let her be happy too, as for the invitation, I will have someone send it over in a few days.”

“Okay!” Helena said joyfully, “Thank you Mr. Ye!”

Ye Chen laughed: “It’s all a small matter, what’s the point of talking about thanks.”

Helena subconsciously asked, “Mr. Ye, can I go then?”

Ye Chen was a little surprised and asked in return, “Your status should be rather sensitive, right? Like your current status, you should have to go through diplomatic channels to go to other countries, and coming to the auction, I’m afraid it’s not very good in terms of the process.”

Helena said in a somewhat frustrated voice: “Actually, I know I can’t go …… just subconsciously want to ask ……”

Ye Chen laughed: “It doesn’t matter, if this Echo Spring Dan auction is successful, in the future when the time is ripe, you can hold one in Northern Europe, and then you can hold it jointly with the Nordic royal family, then you, as the Nordic Queen, can attend as a VIP in an honorable manner.”

Helena wanted to go to the Spring Return Pill auction, not because she wanted to see what was different about the auction, but mainly because she wanted to meet Ye Chen.

She didn’t know whether Ye Chen hadn’t understood or whether he had understood and deliberately played dumb, and had even brought the conversation to the topic of holding an auction in Northern Europe in the future.

Helplessly, she could only ask, “Mr Ye, if you really want to hold an auction in Northern Europe, then will you come over in person?”

Ye Chen said with great certainty, “Of course, for such a major event, I will definitely come over in person.”

Only then did Helena’s heart feel a little more comfortable, if that was the case, then she still had a chance to meet Ye Chen.

Thus, she hurriedly said, “Mr. Ye, then this matter is agreed, you must not forget anything ……”

“Don’t worry.” Ye Chen said seriously, “I will definitely honor this matter.”

“Good ……” Helena’s mood brightened up and she said cheerfully, “Then I’ll wait for your good news in Northern Europe!”

Ye Chen agreed, and after the two of them exchanged a few more pleasantries, Ye Chen said goodbye to Helena and hung up the phone.

Helena pressed her hands on her chest, her mood was overwhelmingly joyful, her whole body did not have the aura of the previous beauty queen, she was completely a young girl in love.

The old queen hurried up to her and asked curiously, “Helena, did Ye Chen call you for something?”

Helena said joyfully, “Grandma, Mr. Ye called to tell me that he has reserved a VIP seat for you at the auction.”

“Really?!” When the old Queen heard this, her entire body immediately cheered and asked her with unbridled excitement, “Mr. Ye he really said that?!”

“Yes.” Helena nodded seriously and added, “Mr. Ye said that he will send the invitation over in a few days, so you will be able to go to the auction in Jinling then, and you will attend as a VIP.”