Secret Great Phoenix Chen Chapter 3719

Helena said seriously, “It’s better to be single for the rest of your life than to marry someone you don’t love and have children for someone you don’t love.”

The old queen said with a sad face, “If you don’t get married, when I die, the whole Nordic royal family will be left on your own! Have you ever seen a royal family so miserable ……”

Helena said seriously, “Grandma, if there is no suitable successor for the royal family, then the Nordic countries can abolish the royal family and change the constitutional monarchy to a presidential republic after my death, as for us, we can just employ ourselves, why worry too much about the afterlife?”

The old queen let out a long sigh and said, “If the royal family is forced to be abolished because of lack of successors, then I would rather you have a child with Ye Chen, unmarried and first!”

Helena smiled and said, “You see, Grandma, we have finally reached a consensus on this issue.”

“Yes, yes, yes ……” the old queen said quietly as if she had given up resistance, “You’re right about everything, but the question now is, how can you get pregnant with Ye Chen’s child? If you get pregnant and then give birth to a Eurasian hybrid, how will you explain to the people if half of the royal bloodline is lost?”

Helena said seriously, “How to conceive, we have to have the chance to meet Ye Chen first, and as for the latter, we have to wait until after we conceive.”

“Ai!” The old queen lamented, “I don’t care …… you can look after yourself ……”

After saying that, remembering the auction, she couldn’t help but mutter to herself, “It would be nice if I could have the opportunity to go to the auction for the Spring Return Pill, and by the way, I can also help you ask Ye Chen when he is free to come to Northern Europe ……”

Helena shook her head helplessly and was about to speak when her phone suddenly rang.

She looked down and saw that it was actually Ye Chen calling, and immediately said excitedly, “Ye Chen is calling me!”

“Is that so?” The old Queen was also a little excited and hurriedly asked, “Can you talk to him about the auction?”

Helena casually coped, “I’ll see what he wants to see me about first.”

With that, she stood up and pressed the answer button as she walked over to the window.

She didn’t really want her grandmother to hear what she was talking about with Ye Chen, so she still avoided it slightly.

When she picked up the phone, she forced down the excitement deep inside her heart and asked in a soft voice, “Mr Ye, why are you suddenly calling me?”

Ye Chen casually laughed, “Oh, it’s nothing really, I just saw the registration information for the Spring Return Pill auction and found that the Nordic royal family had also registered, so I just called to tell you about it.”

Helena said, “Sorry, Mr. Ye, my grandmother was the one who did the registration, and she didn’t discuss it with me before.”

Ye Chen smiled, “It’s alright, I’m calling mainly to tell you that according to the normal approval process, the Nordic royal family’s a*set amount didn’t reach the first two hundred.”

“It’s ……” Helena said more or less awkwardly, “The Nordic Royal Family’s financial resources are not exactly strong, so I guess they just meet the minimum threshold for registration, so there is definitely no way to enter the top two hundred. ”

Ye Chen hmmed and said, “It doesn’t matter if you can’t get into the top two hundred, I’ve reserved a few VIP seats at the venue, I’ll leave one for your grandmother at that time, I’ll have the invitation sent to the palace at that time, let your grandmother pay attention to check the receipt.”