Secret Great Phoenix Chen Chapter 3718

Hearing her grandmother’s question, Helena’s whole being was instantly struck.

Before the shyness inside her could make her blush, it was immediately crushed by the sadness.

Originally, Helena instinctively wanted to deny it.

But somehow, something inside her suddenly felt like she couldn’t let it out, so she let out a soft sigh and said quietly, “What can I do if I think of him? Since I ascended to the throne, my identity has become extremely sensitive. I can no longer decide where to go, who to see, what to say and what to do. I dream of going to China to see him, but there is no way I can bypa*s the diplomatic channels to go to China now, and he won’t be coming to Northern Europe anytime soon. I’m afraid I won’t even be able to see him in the future …… ”

At this point, Helena’s eyes were already filled with tears, and they had even spilled out of the corners of her eyes.

She hurriedly turned her head and quietly wiped away her tears before she added, “Grandma, to be honest, the biggest reason why I wanted to be the Queen was to save my mother, and secondly, I wanted to take revenge on Olivia, and now that my mother is safe and Olivia has received the punishment she deserves, the position of Queen no longer means anything to me now ……”

The old queen said evenly, “Don’t you think nonsense! The royal family now has no direct blood heirs to the throne! You can’t even abdicate if you want to!”

Helena looked at the old Queen and subconsciously asked, “Grandma, do you still want to be Queen again?”

The old Queen immediately waved her hand and said, “No! I don’t want to! Besides, there is no such thing in the world, to clearly abdicate and then regain the throne, if that were to happen, the royal family would not even have to lose face ……”

Helena sighed and said sadly, “And when will there be a suitable heir to the throne?”

The old Queen said awkwardly, “This depends on you …… Our Nordic royal family is not prosperous in the first place, you don’t even have a first heir to the throne now, if you abdicate, then I will have to go to another country’s royal family to borrow an heir ……”

Said the old queen with a straight face and admonished, “Helena, if you want to get rid of the throne early, the best way is to hurry up and have a child, then make him the crown prince, and when he comes of age, you can abdicate.”

“I ……” Helena said with the expression of a P*ssed off little daughter-in-law, sulking, “If Ye Chen is willing, I am willing to give him a son, and then raise him within the palace, and when he comes of age, he will inherit the throne! ”

The old queen’s expression was stunned, and then she covered her forehead and sighed with a stifled sigh, “You …… are crazy …… If you are unmarried and have children first, how will the royal family explain to the people of the country?”

Helena said seriously, “What’s wrong with that? As long as Ye Chen is really willing, when I get pregnant, I will personally go and tell the people clearly ah, I will tell everyone frankly that I am willing to have a child for the man I love, this is my freedom, no one has the right to interfere.”

Speaking of this, she sighed despondently, “The only thing I’m afraid of in this matter is just that Ye Chen won’t agree, if he does, so what if I will be laughed at by the whole world, I simply don’t care.”

“Okay, okay ……” the old queen pressed her temples while sighing alas, “I think it’s better to be realistic and start next year to find you a marriage partner of similar age in the royal families of various countries. ”

“No.” Helena flatly refused without thinking, “I will not marry unless I marry Ye Chen.”

The old queen asked her rhetorically, “Ye Chen has been married for a long time, and you said yourself that he has more confidantes than you can count, and all of them have known him for a longer time than you. You’ll be single for the rest of your life, won’t you?”

Helena said seriously, “It’s better to be single for the rest of your life than to marry someone you don’t love and have children for someone you don’t love.”

The old queen said with a sad face, “If you don’t get married, when I die, the whole Nordic royal family will be left on your own! Have you ever seen a royal family so miserable ……”