Secret Great Phoenix Chen Chapter 4565

Because he had never received a full higher education himself, Ye Chen knew in his heart how it felt to want to study but not have the opportunity to do so.

That was why he wanted to help Xue Shiyue continue her studies, until she was unwilling to study herself.

Xue Shiyue was incredibly grateful to Ye Chen in her heart, so she thankfully said, “Don’t worry, Mr. Ye, I will definitely try my best to finish my studies and not let you down ……”

Ye Chen said seriously, “You don’t need to care about my feelings, just don’t let yourself down.”

“I understand!” Xue Shiyue heavily nodded her head.

Ye Chen opened his mouth and asked her, “Since you plan to go back to school, you don’t have to stay on Hong Kong Island next, right?”

“Yes ……” Xue Shiyue said, “I’ve already got my acceptance letter, I just need to complete the registration process within the stipulated time, and then get my visa renewed before I go.”

“Good.” Ye Chen nodded and asked her again, “What is your major at the University of Tokyo, what are you studying?”

Xue Shiyue was busy saying, “I’m at the University of Tokyo, in the Economics Department, studying Economics Studies.”

Ye Chen was surprised and said, “Economics, that’s something you have to combine with practice, you can’t just bury your head in the sand.”

Xue Shiyue nodded, “If it wasn’t for the accident at home, I would have planned to find a company to do an internship.”

Ye Chen smiled, “That’s just right, there’s a good opportunity for an internship right now.”

After saying that, Ye Chen pointed at Hong Yuanshan and said, “This Mr. Hong, as you can see, seems to be a reckless person with little education.

As soon as Hong Yuanshan heard this, he nodded his head and said, “Mr. Ye is so right, I just read too little and suffered the loss of being uneducated, otherwise I wouldn’t have been reduced to being a kook.”

Xue Shiyue, however, said with very little energy, “Mr. Ye …… If you want to give me a trainee position, I might still be able to do it, but if you ask me to help Mr. Hong manage the company, I’m afraid that I don’t have the ability to do so now, and if I only know how to talk on paper, I’m afraid of bringing losses to the company ……”

Ye Chen casually waved his hand: “Then you don’t need to worry at all, let alone have a psychological burden, this is just a company bought with 10,000 dollars to Mr. Hong, what can you do even if you mess it up? At most, it’s just this ten thousand dollars down the drain, so you just use it for practice normally, no need to have any pressure.”

Saying that, Ye Chen added: “What’s more, I’m not putting you in full charge either, just helping Mr. Hong through the transition of taking over and helping him sort out the management process again by the way.”

When Yang Tiansheng heard this, his heart was like a knife: “Although this company was sold to Hong Yuanshan for HK$10,000, the actual market value of this company is more than two billion! Just like this to a girl who just graduated with a bachelor’s degree to practice, this surnamed Ye seems to genuinely not put money in his eyes ……”

At this time, Hong Yuanshan also followed Ye Chen’s words and said to Xue Shiyue with a smile, “Miss Xue, Mr. Ye is right, I am an old man who has not read much, and I come from a reckless background, so I can say I know nothing about managing a business, so I need more help from a high achiever like you, Miss Xue!”

Xue Shiyue hesitated for a moment, then nodded and said, “Mr. Ye, then I’ll do my best!”

Ye Chen nodded slightly and said to Hong Yuanshan, “Alright Mr. Hong, you still have a contract to sign with Mr. Yang, so hurry up and go about your business.”