Secret Great Phoenix Chen Chapter 4564

So, he couldn’t help but choke up and said, “Mr. Ye, I …… I am willing to ……”

Ye Chen waved his hand: “Don’t say that to me, I don’t have any relationship with you, although you have humiliated me three times today, but I haven’t touched a single finger of yours, let alone asked for a single penny from you, this matter today is all a private matter between you and Hong Yuanshan, he was called over by you, if you are willing to sell your entertainment company to him, that is also voluntary on your part. So the two of you find a place to settle this matter, I don’t really want to get involved in it.”

Liu Jiahui was dumbfounded and sighed in his heart, “I’ll be D*mned, this Ye Chen is really shameless, in just two words, he has completely taken himself out of it?”

Yang Tiansheng was also dumbfounded at this point, unable to speak.

In his opinion, although Ye Chen was acting extremely shameless, the words he had just said were flawless.

Today, he was the one who had called Hong Yuanshan over, and it was Hong Yuanshan, not Ye Chen, who had beaten him up.

Now that Ye Chen had asked himself to sell the company to Hong Yuanshan, it was also a deal that was completed between himself and Hong Yuanshan, and it really had nothing to do with him, Ye Chen.

In other words, if he regretted it after today, and wanted to get the police involved, there was no way for the police to arrest Ye Chen, but only for the police to arrest Hong Yuanshan.

However, Hong Yuanshan had thousands of disciples, if he really tore his face off with him, wouldn’t he only have a dead end at that time?

Just as he was depressed, he heard Ye Chen say to Hong Yuanshan, “Yuanshan, this is a private matter between you and Yang Tiansheng, in my opinion, you two should find a place to deal with it in private.

Hong Yuanshan knew that he would have to carry this matter with Yang Tiansheng today.

However, he did not care about such a small matter.

He had been a fundraising manager for ten years and ten billion dollars, so it didn’t matter if he was the manager of another entertainment company.

As for how big the impact will be when the news gets out, Hong Yuanshan didn’t bother to think about it, after all, he only recognized one thing, that is, not to offend Ye Chen, as for others, what the hell.

Thinking of this, he immediately spoke up, “Mr. Ye, Mr. Liu, I’m really sorry for disturbing you two today because of some personal grudges between me and Yang Tiansheng, I’ll take him elsewhere to settle it now.”

Ye Chen nodded, pointed at Xue Shiyu and said to him, “The first thing you should do after you take over the entertainment company is to change Miss Xue’s contract from the previous full agency contract to a music consultant employment contract, the contract is to employ Miss Xue as a part-time music consultant for the entertainment company, and pay Miss Xue an annual remuneration of HK$1 million, at the same time this contract shall not At the same time, this contract shall not force Miss Sit to do anything for the entertainment company, and shall not restrict Miss Sit’s freedom in any field, is that clear?”

Without thinking, Hong Yuanshan said, “Don’t worry, Mr. Ye, I will get this done at the first opportunity!”

Xue Shiyue said nervously at this time, “How can this be possible Mr. Ye …… I am very grateful that you can help me to cancel this contract, as for the previous one million signing bonus, I will definitely pay it back slowly by working and studying hard in the future!”

Ye Chen waved his hand: “That 1 million does not need to be repaid, and you do not need to refuse the 1 million per year from now on, since you want to study, then you can study well, after the master’s degree you can still study for a doctorate, after the doctorate you can still study for a post-doctorate, as long as you are willing to study, you can keep studying, as long as you are still studying, this 1 million a year reward will always be available! “