Secret Great Phoenix Chen Chapter 4460

As Liu Jiahui’s words fell, the door to the office was suddenly pushed open and a middle-aged noblewoman with an extraordinary and beautiful temperament pushed her way in, saying with a grim expression, “Liu Jiahui! Whose Fang Ze do you want a kiss from? It can make you so excited that you don’t even want to live!”

At this moment, the female secretary beside the middle-aged woman said with an embarra*sed face, “Sorry Mr. Liu …… Mrs. She insisted on coming in and wouldn’t let me report to you ……”

Liu Jiahui shook his head and said to her and the a*sistant beside him, “You two go out first.”

Hearing this, the two of them hurriedly turned around and left.

Then, Liu Jiahui came to that middle-aged noblewoman with a serene face and said with a smile, “Wife, you know me, I’m just a mouthy person, just now I was just joking with Ahmin ……”

said, Liu Jiahui hurriedly changed the subject: “You have not asked Mrs. Han to ride together today? Why are you suddenly running to me?”

The middle-aged noblewoman clasped her arms, looked at Liu Jiahui with cold eyes and said in a stern voice, “I heard that all the people on the road in Hong Kong Island are now waiting with their fists in the air to earn your Boss Liu’s 30 million!”

After saying that, she angrily questioned, “Why haven’t you let go of Chen Zhao Zhong?!”

Liu Jiahui said with an innocent look on his face, “Hey, wife, although I love you very much, it still hurts me when you say that about me! I promised Gu Yanjing’s Gu Yanzhong a long time ago that I wouldn’t mess with that Chen Zhaozhong for his sake, but Chen Zhaozhong, that lunatic, got himself discovered by the US immigration, so I can’t be blamed for that, right?”

The middle-aged noblewoman said angrily, “Do you think I am a child of three years old? You must be behind this!”

Liu Jiahui threw up his hands, “I’m innocent, wife! Chen Zhao Zhong deserved to be caught by the Immigration Bureau, what did I have to do with it? You can’t suspect me of ratting him out, can you? I didn’t know where he was for so many years, and if I did, I wouldn’t have waited until today!”

The middle-aged noblewoman blurted out, “I don’t care if you’re behind this or not, I only have one request! You immediately take back the 30 million dark flowers now and announce to the whole Hong Kong Island that the 30 million dark flowers are null and void!”

“I’ll throw it away!” The good face Liu Jiahui had been wearing vanished without a trace, his eyes fixed on the middle-aged noblewoman as he said in a cold voice, “You f*cking think I, Liu Jiahui, am a turtle? Taking back what you said on your own initiative? What do you want the people of Hong Kong to think of me? You’ve been making fun of me for twenty years for wearing a cuckold’s hat, and now you’re asking me to take back my secret flower, isn’t it true that I’m going to wear this cuckold’s hat until I die?

The middle-aged noblewoman was frightened by Liu Jiahui’s angry expression and involuntarily took two steps back, her tone softened and she begged, “Jiahui, I beg you …… Chen Zhao Zhong has been hiding outside for so many years, it’s already hard enough, this time he was repatriated back, you should not cross him anymore, his mother has The mother is more than 80 years old, and her health is not good, in case Chen Zhao Zhong died, she does not have a few days to live!”

Liu Jiahui became furious and swung his cigar around his feet and slapped the middle-aged woman across the face, ignoring her shocked face, and pointed at her and cursed, “Fang Jiaxin, don’t get ahead of yourself! You think I don’t know that you’ve been seeing that dead old woman behind my back all these years? I only put up with you for the sake of our relationship! You don’t even know how to be grateful, but now you’re justified in coming here to ask me to forgive Chen Zhao Zhong. Do you want to run away with him again?”