Secret Great Phoenix Chen Chapter 4459

Knowing that Chen Zhaozhong would soon be repatriated back, Liu Jiahui was in an extraordinarily good mood.

For the past 20 years, he had been feeling green in the head, and now he finally had a chance to wipe out his shame.

Therefore, since yesterday, he has been counting the seconds, in order to hurry up and hope for Chen Zhao Zhong’s return.

As long as Chen Zhao Zhong returns, there is no telling how many people on Hong Kong Island will fight to kill Chen Zhao Zhong for the sake of his dark flower.

As long as he died, the green light above his head would naturally disappear.

Just at that moment, his mobile phone suddenly rang.

So he took out his phone and came with a big grin, “Hello, who is it?!”

On the other end of the line, He Zhiqiu said nonchalantly, “Mr. Liu, right? I’m He Zhiqiu from Isu Shipping.”

Liu Jiahui’s expression instantly became flattering, and with a cigar in one hand and a mobile phone in the other, he said respectfully, “So it’s Mr. He! I have long admired you and have been looking for an opportunity to visit you in person!”

He said, Liu Jiahui hurriedly asked, “By the way, Mr. He, I don’t know if my a*sistant has introduced our situation to you clearly before, but we are very eager to cooperate with Isuzu Shipping.

To Liu Jiahui, his a*sets were naturally much more powerful than those of a professional manager like He Zhiqiu.

However, to measure a person’s value, one should not only measure his a*sets, but also the platform he is on, and the resources behind him.

Although He Zhiqiu herself did not have any a*sets, she was the head of the entire Isu Shipping Line, and now that Isu Shipping Line had strong resources and was developing rapidly in Asia, he had to be polite to He Zhiqiu if he wanted to cooperate with Isu Shipping Line and realise the idle resources from He Zhiqiu’s hands.

At this point, He Zhiqiu said in a bland tone, “Mr. Liu, regarding cooperation, your people have probably introduced it to my side before, and I think that cooperation is not impossible to consider, but before we talk about cooperation, we still need to strengthen our understanding.”

Without thinking, Liu Jiahui said, “Of course! This is the right thing to do! If it is convenient for you, Mr. He, I will personally go to the Mainland with the information and the team to introduce it to you face to face!”

He Zhiqiu said, “There is no need to go to such trouble, it just so happens that my personal a*sistant will be going to Hong Kong Island in a couple of days, if Mr Liu has time, I can arrange for him to meet with you, he can represent me fully.”

Liu Jiahui said with surprise, “Wow, Mr. He, that’s really great! I am OK for the next two days!”

He Zhiqiu then said, “Then when his schedule is set, I will tell you the exact time, and it will be hard for Mr Liu to arrange a reception.”

“No problem! Absolutely no problem!” Liu Jiahui said readily, “I will personally receive him then! I will definitely make him feel at home!”

He Zhiqiu smiled faintly, “Good, then it’s a deal.”

Liu Jiahui exchanged a few pleasantries with He Zhiqiu before hanging up the phone with a smile.

As soon as he hung up the phone, he laughed loudly and excitedly, “Double happiness, double happiness! He Zhiqiu of Isuzu Shipping is sending his personal a*sistant to Hong Kong Island for an inspection.

The a*sistant said with surprise, “Mr. Liu, Iso Shipping is interested in working with us, that’s great! They have all the good routes, and they have all the quality ports and customer resources, so working with them will definitely free up our capacity!”

Liu Jiahui took a puff of his cigar and said with a smile, “This Isu Shipping Line, among them, the Ito family’s Nanae Ito is the most beautiful woman in the world, the Su family’s Su Zhiyu is no less beautiful, and I heard that even this He Zhiqiu is one of the most beautiful women in the world, working with them is only the second thing, if you can kiss her, it will be a real life worth living! “