Secret Great Phoenix Chen Chapter 4458

“No.” He Zhiqiu said, “To be honest, if we work with them, we can only transfer the part that we can’t eat to them and charge them some intermediary fees, which is not very substantial for us. ”

“Understood.” Ye Chen smiled, “In that case, then contact him and say that you can consider the cooperation, and then tell him that you are going to send your a*sistant to Hong Kong Island for a visit, and ask him to receive the reception when the time comes.”

The clever He Zhiqiu immediately sensed the key and hurriedly asked, “Mr. Ye, you are not going to impersonate my a*sistant and go to Hong Kong Island for a private visit, are you?!”

Ye Chen smiled and said, “Not really, I just want to meet that Liu Jiahui.”

He Zhiqiu was busy saying, “You are my boss, how can you impersonate my a*sistant …… this …… is not a bit inappropriate ah …… ”

“There’s nothing inappropriate about it.” Ye Chen smiled, “Just tell him my name directly, say that I am your a*sistant, and then ask him to send someone to pick me up at the airport within the specified time.”

“Okay ……” He Zhiqiu knew that Ye Chen must have another intention in doing so, so he said, “You should still be in the US now, right? When are you planning to go to Hong Kong Island? I will communicate with him at that time.”

Ye Chen smiled, “You can communicate with him now, just say that I will arrive in two days.”

“No problem!” He Zhiqiu said, “Then I’ll give his a*sistant a call now.”

Ye Chen explained, “No, you should call him directly, with a high profile attitude, you have to make him feel flattered.”

He Zhiqiu couldn’t help but smile, “Okay Mr. Ye, I understand! Then I’ll contact him now!”



Hong Kong Island, China.

Countless modern buildings stood in the golden Central area.

This was the financial centre of Hong Kong Island, where almost every multinational conglomerate in the world, set up their branches.

In one of the skyscrapers, a fat man with a bloated body is holding a cigar and looking down with a smug face at the Victoria Harbour outside the floor-to-ceiling windows.

There was a knock at the door and without looking back he shouted, “Come in!”

His a*sistant pushed open the door and, seeing him grinning from ear to ear, said hurriedly, “Chairman, you’re in such a good mood today!”

“Of course I’m good!” Liu Jiahui laughed and looked at his a*sistant and asked, “Ah Min, do you still remember Chen Zhao Zhong, that pouncing b*****d?”

The a*sistant was stunned and hurriedly said, “Of course I remember …… Ah Zhong …… Oh no …… Chen Zhao Zhong that ungrateful pouncer, he has been missing for It’s been more than ten years ……”

Liu Jiahui sneered, “f*cking ran away for twenty years I lost! I thought I would never be able to find this punk in my life, but God is really good, this punk is coming back to Hong Kong Island soon!”

The a*sistant asked in surprise, “He …… how dare he go back to Hong Kong Island …… this is not to send death?”

Liu Jiahui hummed and laughed: “He is now caught by the U.S. Immigration Bureau, illegally staying, the U.S. side will deport him back soon, this pouncer has been hiding outside for so many years, finally he is going home! Hahahaha!”

He said, Liu Jiahui couldn’t help but hum, “Come back, come back, wanderer~~~ Come back, come back, you’re tired of wandering~~~”