Secret Great Phoenix Chen Chapter 3695

Wan Long Temple’s fame in the Gulf of Aden overnight, the entire armed escort situation instantly opened up, in order to take advantage of this perfect opening as soon as possible, Wan broken army immediately to Ye Chen, after reporting the situation to Ye Chen, asked him: “Mr. Ye, what should we do next?”

Ye Chen instructed, “I think we should have a face-to-face talk with these pirate leaders in the Gulf of Aden, tell them about our ambitions and attitude in the Gulf of Aden, and also let them know that the market demand for the Gulf of Aden escort, since the Wan Long Temple has decided to only take half of it, then we have to make them be sensible and not go against the Wan Long Temple in the future.”

Wan Bajun immediately said, “Okay Mr. Ye, my subordinates will arrange it immediately.”

Ye Chen then said, “It is impossible to kill all the pirates in the Gulf of Aden, and we are not obliged to purge the entire Gulf of Aden of pirates, as long as we can ensure the interests of the Ten Thousand Dragon Hall and the clients of the Ten Thousand Dragon Hall escort, it is the best outcome for us, so, next, you have to deter these pirates first, and at the same time establish a channel of information interaction with these pirates. ”

That is to say, you have to make these pirates go through this channel to confirm whether this ship is a Dragon Palace escort or not before they make a move on any ship in the future. If they are not escorted by the Ten Thousand Dragons Hall, then the Hall will not ask them what they are going to do next.

Wan Bajun asked, “Mr Ye, in your opinion, what form should this interaction channel take? I am worried that if we establish contact with the pirate organisation directly, it will cause the outside world to have a microscopic view of us.”

“Right.” Ye Chen smiled, “If we have to feed information about the ships we escort to this group of pirates every time, the outside world will think that we are deadly friends, so we can’t let them contact the Ten Thousand Dragons Hall directly, that would also bring down the identity and pushy status of the Ten Thousand Dragons Hall.”

Saying that, Ye Chen added, “I looked at your intelligence network yesterday, and this kind of online platform approach, I think it’s very good.”

“The Hall of Ten Thousand Dragons can directly build an escort website, put the introduction and price details of the Hall of Ten Thousand Dragons’ escort business on the website, and other shipping companies besides Isuzu Shipping can also submit their applications through this website if they want to hire the Hall of Ten Thousand Dragons’ escort.”

“At the same time, we will also publish on this website, in real time, the information of each of the ships escorted by the Hall of Ten Thousand Dragons, including the name, registration number and photos of the ships, after this information is published, those pirates, out of fear of the Hall of Ten Thousand Dragons, will definitely open their eyes and take a good look before they make their move, as long as it is a cargo ship escorted by the Hall of Ten Thousand Dragons, they will definitely get as far away as possible. ”

Wan Breaking Jun immediately understood and spoke, “I understand Mr. Ye, I will have someone set up the website as soon as possible, and also immediately send a representative to interview these pirate leaders.”

Ye Chen was busy saying, “Broken Jun, our aim now is not to take the initiative to cooperate with these pirates or to make these pirates take the initiative to cooperate with us, but to set a set of rules of the Gulf of Aden game and force those pirates to have to play according to our rules, so although we have to interview them, we absolutely cannot take the initiative to contact them, otherwise once someone catches hold of us, they will think that we are cooperating with the pirates.”

Saying that, Ye Chen added: “You only need to have someone put out the news to the public first, say that the Ten Thousand Dragons Temple officially takes on the Gulf of Aden escort service from now on, and at the same time leave a mailbox as the contact information, let those ship owners who are interested in cooperation contact you first, I believe that after you put out this mailbox, those pirates will take the initiative to contact you, they are definitely eager to talk to the Ten Thousand Dragons Temple now. Talk about it.”