Secret Great Phoenix Chen Chapter 4314

In Ye Chen’s opinion, the primary condition for a family to prosper and flourish must be internal unity.

The greatest advantage of unity is that internal conflict can be avoided to the greatest extent possible, and all the energy of this family can be used to do useful work.

In this way, even if the family is a poor peasant with its face to the ground, the family will definitely maintain an upward trend.

But if there is division and confrontation within the family, most of the energy will be used up in internal struggles.

As a result, the family will not only run out of energy to do useful work, but will also fall into a quagmire of regression due to constant internal conflict.

If it kept consuming a lot internally, even if the family a*sets were in the trillions, there would be a day when they would be exhausted.

That was why Ye Chen reminded Fei Ke Xin that she must keep a complete eye on the Fei family gang, make sure that all these people would follow her lead, and once she found any problems, she must not be merciful and must kill them early in the cradle.

Naturally, Fei Ke Xin also understood Ye Chen’s meaning and nodded repeatedly, “Please rest a*sured, Mr. Ye, I will definitely pay more attention.”

Seeing that Fei Ke Xin still seemed more or less apprehensive, Ye Chen gave her an encouraging look and said seriously, “After you finish dealing with the matter of Fei Hao Yang, the Fei family will definitely fall into an unprecedented low because of this incident, but I believe in your ability and will definitely be able to lead the Fei family out of the low.”

Fei Ke Xin said gratefully, “Thank you Mr Ye for your encouragement, I will do my best to get the Fei family through the trough as soon as possible.”

As she said that, she gave a slight pause, her hot eyes fixed on Ye Chen, and said out of the blue, “If you have any requests for the Fei family in the future, just ask, no one in the Fei family will dare to disobey!”

Ye Chen nodded and said, “If there is a need, I will not be polite with you.”

After saying that, he looked at Yuan Zixu, who was beside the old man, and said, “Among these martial arts masters of the Fei family, you are the strongest, so from now on, you will be protecting Miss Fei’s safety.”

Yuan Zixu was busy saying respectfully, “Mr. Ye …… I should have returned to my division to resume my duties, in the future, my senior brother Zhang Chuan will be responsible for the safety of the Fei family.”

Ye Chen frowned and said, “Zhang Chuan? It wouldn’t be that five-star martial artist, would it?”

Yuan Zixu asked busily, “Mr Ye has met senior brother Zhang?”

Ye Chen sneered, “No surprise, he should still be kneeling in the dining hall.”

After saying that, he looked at Fei Xuebin and said in a cold voice, “Go and call Zhang Chuan over.”

Fei Xuebin dared not disobey and hurriedly said, “Mr. Ye wait a moment, I will go and call ……”

Soon, Fei Xuebin came over with Zhang Chuan, whose legs were constantly wobbling.

At this moment, between Zhang Chuan’s legs and crotch, there was already a large white stain, accompanied by a burst of foul smell, which made people instantly guess that this was the urine alkali formed after he had peed his trousers.