Secret Great Phoenix Chen Chapter 4315

As soon as Zhang Chuan saw Ye Chen, he couldn’t help but kneel on the ground and choked, “Mr. Ye …… I have been kneeling in the dining room at your command and have not gotten up for a moment… please, for the sake of my loyalty, restore my cultivation… …”

With that, he couldn’t help but wail and cry.

Decades of cultivation had been reduced to nothing in an instant, such a blow to Zhang Chuan could be called a disaster of extinction.

So, as long as he could get his cultivation back, he would be willing to do anything to make him do it.

Yuan Zixu did not expect that, after only half a month’s absence, his spirited senior brother would be reduced to this state.

He was then surprised to find that Zhang Chuan, at this moment, no longer had any trace of cultivation on his body and had just become an ordinary person, which made him greatly alarmed and said offhandedly, “Senior brother Zhang, what’s wrong with you?!”

All of Zhang Chuan’s attention was on Ye Chen, and when he suddenly heard Yuan Zixu speak, he realized that his senior brother had actually returned, so he immediately cried like an aggrieved child meeting his parents, “Senior Brother Yuan …… You’re finally back Senior Brother Yuan… …”

Yuan Zixu hurriedly went forward and supported him while saying painfully, “Senior Brother Zhang, how did you lose your cultivation?!”

Zhang Chuan said remorsefully, “Senior brother doesn’t know, today at noon, Mr. Ye came to the residence for a banquet, I had no eyes and didn’t know about Tai Shan, I was reckless in front of Mr. Ye, so Mr. Ye abolished my cultivation and made me kneel in the dining room until now ……”

When he finished, he suddenly remembered something and blurted out, “Senior brother, Mr. Ye said that someone would come to teach me a lesson for him later, he should be talking about you, right ……”

Yuan Zixu was greatly shocked.

He knew that Ye Chen was very strong, so strong that he was unpredictable, but he did not expect that Ye Chen had directly nullified all of Zhang Chuan’s cultivation.

What was even more unbelievable to him was that although Zhang Chuan had lost his cultivation, his meridians were intact and there were no signs of fracture and ruin, which meant that Zhang Chuan’s cultivation had not been violently destroyed by someone.

This alone caused Yuan Zixu’s expression to flinch.

Violently destroying a person’s cultivation was not really that difficult, as long as he was not your opponent, you could violently destroy all of his meridians while knocking him down.

This was the same as picking off a person’s tendons and hamstrings, simple and crude.

However, the way Ye Chen did it, it came in an even more bizarre way.

The meridians were intact, but his cultivation was completely ruined, which gave Yuan Zixu a feeling as if Ye Chen had used some kind of power to completely seal Zhang Chuan’s cultivation.

If Ye Chen really had this kind of strength, then he would no longer be on the same level as the martial artists in the world long ago.

Thinking of this, he was extremely shocked in his heart.

At the same time, he also subconsciously wanted to take over for self