Secret Great Phoenix Chen Chapter 4539

When Liu Manqiong heard Ye Chen’s words, the wave of reluctance in her heart intensified.

She said with a fake relaxed smile, “Okay, then I will take you there tomorrow night.”

After saying that, she suddenly found that she seemed to have run out of topics to talk about with Ye Chen.

She didn’t dare to ask further questions about the previous topic, and now, she didn’t know what she should talk to Ye Chen about.

In fact, there were many other things she wanted to ask Ye Chen, such as where he was from in the Mainland? She wanted to ask him if he was married at the age of twenty-eight, or if he had a girlfriend he was dating.

Or, ask him if he would like to stay on Hong Kong Island for a longer period of time, because there were many places she had never shared with anyone else, and she wanted to take Ye Chen along for a walk, a look and a taste.

However, none of these questions were something she dared to ask.

Firstly, she did not dare to ask, and secondly, she did not dare to hear Ye Chen’s answer.

So, the car suddenly fell into silence.

It was rainy on Hong Kong Island, and halfway through the drive, rain began to fall from the sky. Liu Manqiong, who was still peeking at Ye Chen with her afterglow, was a little lost in thought as she looked at the raindrops on the car window.

Ye Chen looked at the car and glanced at her with his afterglow from time to time. When he saw her lost in thought, he subconsciously asked, “What are you thinking about?”

“Ah?” Liu Manqiong suddenly came back to her senses, straightened her soft hair, gave Ye Chen a faint smile and whispered, “Nothing, watching the rain.”

Ye Chen was curious: “What’s so beautiful about the rain, you like rainy days?”

Liu Manqiong shook her head, “No, I hate rainy days.”

Ye Chen laughed, “Hong Kong Island is rainy, it seems to be not very friendly to you, someone who hates rain.”

“Yeah.” Liu Manqiong pursed her lips and laughed bitterly, “Many bad things will make people more frustrated if they happen on a rainy day, and then it will make them resent the rain.”

Ye Chen seemed to have guessed something and nodded gently, then he immediately changed the subject and said, “Right Miss Manqiong, you are graduating from your PhD soon, right, what are your plans after graduation?”

After being stunned by Ye Chen’s sudden jump in topic, Liu Manqiong realized that Ye Chen must not want to remind her of sad things, so she said with a smile, “I will graduate this summer, after graduation, I plan to go to Africa according to my original plan, to further implement the charity I have been working on, and then come back to find a job related to my major. After I graduate, I plan to go to Africa to further implement the charity I’ve been doing, and then come back to find a job related to my major.

Ye Chen asked curiously, “Why do you need to find a job? Wouldn’t it be better to go to your father’s company? You are the eldest daughter of the family, and in the future, his business will most likely be handed over to you to inherit.”

Liu Manqiong shook her head and laughed, “I’m not really interested in his set of rules, and I’ve been reading Chinese from university to master’s degree, so I don’t know anything about finance and economics, so I can’t do any work in this area at all.”

Said Liu Manqiong, somewhat self-deprecatingly teasing, “Besides, you see how I am a suitable person for business, the snack street up to now, there is still a monthly deficit of 200,000 Hong Kong dollars to be filled by my dad, if he really gives me the business to inherit, I am afraid that it won’t take long to lose his family fortune.”

Ye Chen asked curiously, “How long has the snack street been bought?”

Liu Manqiong thought for a moment and said, “More than ten years, I think, the year my father got married.”

Ye Chen asked her, “Do you know how much it cost when you bought it?”