Secret Great Phoenix Chen Chapter 4538

At this moment, Liu Manqiong looked at Ye Chen and asked, “Why did you come to contact my father when you came to administer justice? Your so-called talk about cooperation should be a fake, right?”

Ye Chen shrugged his shoulders: “Talking about cooperation is not necessarily fake, the rapid expansion of the strength of the Isu shipping company, indeed there is a great need to enhance the capacity, your father’s hands under the shipping company although there is a certain amount of capacity, but again can not convert 100% of the capacity into income, so the two sides cooperate on this basis, it is considered to be complementary advantages, in fact, a win-win situation. ”

Liu Manqiong hesitated for a moment and asked Ye Chen, “Then this justice you are presiding over, is it related to my father?”

Ye Chen did not want to deceive Liu Manqiong, so he simply shook his head, “This, no comment for now.”

Liu Manqiong seemed to sense something, she looked at Ye Chen and pleaded, “Ye Chen, you and I have just met not long ago, I must be a lightweight in front of you, but I still want to ask you, if this justice has something to do with my father, please try not to make it too difficult for him ……”

Ye Chen looked at Liu Manqiong’s eyes full of pleading, and his heart felt a pang of heartache for no reason.

He then smiled faintly and asked, “Actually, you still have quite deep feelings with him, don’t you?”

“Yes ……” Liu Manqiong nodded and said seriously, “Although he did something wrong to his mother, he has always been very devoted to me and my sister, he is a person …… is just too good at saving face …… In front of his own daughter, also reluctant to admit that he did something wrong, so will only desperately use actions or use material things to make up, these I have always seen since childhood ……”

Said, Liu Manqiong eyes slightly red murmured: “Just my character, and he is also somewhat similar, I also do not want to admit in front of him that I have forgiven him, so still will not give him any good looks ……”

Hearing this, Ye Chen nodded slightly and said seriously, “Don’t worry, I promise you.”

“Thank you, Ye Chen ……” Only then did Liu Manqiong sighed in relief.

Her subconscious mind had already sensed that this justice that Ye Chen was going to preside over was 80% related to her own father.

And the strength that Ye Chen had just shown in the nightclub was too amazing, so she knew very well that once Ye Chen went against her dad, then there was absolutely no chance of him resisting.

Therefore, she could only beg Ye Chen to promise herself first and not to make things too difficult for him. As long as Ye Chen gave this promise and this matter was really related to dad, then she believed that Ye Chen would also be noble to dad.

At this moment, Liu Manqiong recalled Ye Chen’s words just now and suddenly felt a little lost in her heart as she asked Ye Chen, “Are you leaving Hong Kong Island after you’ve done what you’re going to do?”

“Yes.” Ye Chen’s nodded and spoke, “After I finish this matter, I will leave.”

Liu Manqiong was busy asking, “Then about how long will it take to deal with it?”

“Soon.” Ye Chen said casually, “A day or two fast, two or three days slow.”

“So soon ……”

The loss in Liu Manqiong’s heart was instantly and infinitely magnified.

She didn’t know why, having only met Ye Chen for the first time today, and hearing that he was leaving soon, there was a strong feeling of reluctance in her heart.

However, she also knew that she had only just met Ye Chen, so even if she did feel reluctant to leave, she should not show this reluctance in her heart, so she put on a light-hearted smile and said, “Time is so short, so tell me quickly if there are any places you want to go, and I will help you arrange your trip.”

Ye Chen laughed, “I’m not here to travel either, so there’s not much I want to go to.”

Speaking of this, Ye Chen suddenly remembered something and spoke, “Oh yes Miss Manqiong, before I leave, why don’t you treat me to another meal at your snack street!”