Secret Great Phoenix Chen Chapter 4537


Ye Chen smiled faintly and said blandly while driving, “I said ah, my name is Ye Chen, twenty-eight years old, a mainlander.”

Liu Manqiong pursued, “Aren’t you an a*sistant of Iso Shipping? If you are just an a*sistant of Isu Shipping, why does the entire Wan Long Hall belong to you?”

Ye Chen looked ahead, steering the vehicle to the left while casually saying, “I didn’t create the Ten Thousand Dragons Hall, nor did I pay for its acquisition, it’s just that I was kind to the Hall Master of the Ten Thousand Dragons Hall, Wan Bajun, so he voluntarily made the entire Hall loyal to me.”

Saying that, Ye Chen paused and added: “As for the a*sistant of Isu Shipping, I am just a friendly guest, your family is also in the shipping business, you should have heard your father talk about it, Isu Shipping has the close cooperation of the Hall of Ten Thousand Dragons in this aspect of armed escort, so the shipping safety is number one in the world, and this is what I pulled the strings to make.”

Liu Manqiong asked in disbelief, “Wan Breaking Jun is the master of the Hall of Ten Thousand Dragons, he needs people and money, so how could he owe you favours?”

Ye Chen laughed, “It might not be convenient to go into detail about this matter, but that is indeed the case.”

Liu Manqiong asked again, “Then what exactly do you want to do on Hong Kong Island? I don’t believe that you are such a big shot that you would come to Hong Kong Island personally just to talk to my father about a cooperation.”

Ye Chen smiled and said, “Didn’t I tell you? I am here to administer a justice.”

Liu Manqiong pursued, “What kind of justice is it that requires you to come here personally to preside over it?”

Ye Chen thought for a moment and spoke, “The other party is a good friend of my father’s who was alive, and he encountered some injustice, so I came to Hong Kong Island to help him administer this justice.”

Saying that, Ye Chen didn’t wait for Liu Manqiong to speak and continued, “If you are asking me what specific justice I am presiding over, then I may not be able to tell you for now, what I can tell you is that this justice will come soon and when this matter is over, I will leave Hong Kong Island and it shouldn’t affect your life too much.”

When Ye Chen said these words, he had actually made a plan in his heart.

Although Liu Jiahui was indeed not a good person and had once broken his promise to his own father, he did have a good daughter.

Therefore, for the sake of Liu Manqiong, he did not intend to give Liu Jiahui too harsh a punishment.

However, all this had to be based on, a successful resolution of all of Uncle Zhong’s crises.

Let Uncle Zhong be able to live on Hong Kong Island in an open and honest manner, let Uncle Zhong and his family be free from any threats from anyone, and let all the so-called bigwigs on Hong Kong Island, including Liu Jiahui, treat Uncle Zhong with respect.

Doing this, and then giving Liu Jiahui appropriate punishment, in Ye Chen’s opinion, was a successful solution.

In fact, after shocking Hong Yuanshan and Zhong Yunqiu just now, Ye Chen wanted to turn around and ask Liu Jiahui if he still remembered the promise he gave to Ye Changye back then.

But when the words came to his lips, Ye Chen held back.

The reason he did not open up his identity to Liu Jiahui directly today was that he did not want Liu Manqiong to know that he had come this time to teach her father a lesson.

Even if Liu Jiahui was a b*****d, he was still Liu Manqiong’s father, and although Liu Manqiong had been full of ill feelings towards Liu Jiahui on the surface, Ye Chen could see that she still had a deep father-daughter bond with Liu Jiahui in her heart.

The fact that Liu Jiahui could buy a whole street for her, lose money so that Liu Manqiong, who had lost her mother, could restore her childhood memories, and dare to negotiate with Hong Yuanshan for her to enter a nightclub alone, also showed that he valued this daughter.

Therefore, Ye Chen had more or less changed his mind about Liu Jiahui and planned to avoid Liu Manqiong as much as possible when dealing with Liu Jiahui.