Secret Great Phoenix Chen Chapter 4536

“If you only have money and not enough majesty, very often you will attract trouble instead.”

“It’s like when the Li family was the absolute richest man on Hong Kong Island and so powerful, yet someone still dared to kidnap their eldest son!”

“The same goes for me!”

“Although I’m almost the richest man on Hong Kong Island now, I still don’t have absolute influence when it comes to people like Hung Yuen Shan.”

“If Hung Yuen Shan were to fight me, I would still be so f*cking scared that I would end up having to find someone to make peace or spend money to settle the matter.”

“It’s like when I first came over here today, I had to grit my teeth and agree to give Hong Yuanshan five million dollars to take my daughter away ……”

“But …… It’s obvious that his godson provoked my daughter, but I have to come up with five million dollars to pay him back, this is the biggest drawback of only having money, but no authority!”

“If I could have a backer like Ye Chen, it would be completely different!”

“What kind of existence is this Ye Chen? He is the true master of the entire Ten Thousand Dragons Hall! If I were to climb up with him, preferably making him Manqiong’s boyfriend, then wouldn’t I be able to walk around Hong Kong Island?!”

“I’m afraid it’s not just Hong Kong Island …… I can walk across the world!”

At the thought of this, Liu Jiahui’s heart was excited beyond addition.

Outside the door of the Wave Club, apart from Liu Manqiong’s Tesla, there were several Rolls-Royces, two of which were the cars of Liu Jiahui and his entourage.

His entourage, at this moment, were all still waiting by the car.

When they saw him come out, they immediately said respectfully, “Master and Miss!”

“b*****d!” Liu Jiahui suddenly flipped his face and scolded angrily at several people, “Why don’t you greet Mr. Ye?!”

Several people were startled and hurriedly said to Ye Chen respectfully, “Hello Mr. Ye ……”

Ye Chen felt amused, but also nodded politely as a response.

Liu Jiahui then said to Ye Chen with a flattering face, “Mr. Ye, since you want to take Manqiong’s car, then I won’t follow you to cause trouble.”

When Liu Manqiong saw her father’s flattering look, although she had an opinion in her heart, she could not show it.

So, she handed the car keys to Ye Chen and spoke, “Mr. Ye, you drive, I’m a bit tired and may not be able to drive.”

Liu Manqiong was not deliberately putting up a show, but what had just happened was too tense for her, her heart rate was still fast up to now and her whole body was a bit weak, so she really did not dare to drive.

Ye Chen also understood her situation and took over the car keys by hand.

But to his surprise, Liu Jiahui said with a reproachful face, “Manqiong! How can you call out to Mr. Ye! Don’t forget that Mr. Ye is an honoured guest of our family!”

Ye Chen immediately spoke up, “Mr. Liu, this is a small matter, so don’t get on the line.”

When Liu Jiahui saw that Ye Chen seemed to be defending Liu Manqiong, he immediately piled on a smile and said happily, “Yes, yes! Mr. Ye, you are right to criticise, it is my fault, I am the one who went on the line.”

After saying that, he hurriedly said to his daughter, “Manqiong, just now it was dad’s fault, you mustn’t be general with dad, if you are tired, just take a good rest on the pa*senger side, Mr. Ye will definitely take care of you.”

Liu Manqiong didn’t quite like her dad’s face like that, so she walked to the car without looking back, pulled the door open and sat in the pa*senger seat.

Ye Chen looked at Liu Jiahui and spoke, “Mr. Liu, let’s go first.”

“Fine, fine!” Liu Jiahui said with a smile, “After you, Mr. Ye!”

Ye Chen got into the driver’s side of the Tesla and had just put the car into motion when Liu Manqiong, who was on the side, looked at him and asked seriously, “Ye Chen, who are you anyway?”