Secret Great Phoenix Chen Chapter 3903

“Of course, according to our rules, after you get the Spring Return Pill, you must take it in public, otherwise it will be considered a forfeit.”

At this point, Song Wanting looked at the crowd and opened her mouth to ask, “Does everyone have any questions? If there are, please raise your hands to speak.”

A number of people in the crowd raised their hands, and Song Wanting pointed to one of them and spoke, “Please ask number 095.”

The one wearing costume number 095 was an old white man in his seventies. Seeing that Song Wanting had named him, he hurriedly stood up and asked, “What if we pay the money but the Spring Return Pill does not have the effect we want? After all, we have only heard about the efficacy of the Spring Return Pill, but we have not seen it yet ……”

Song Wanting replied seriously, “I can tell you responsibly that the effect of the Spring Return Pill definitely exceeds your previous understanding and perception of any related medicine, whether you are bidding for a quarter of a Spring Return Pill or a whole Spring Return Pill for the finale, after you take it on the spot, the effect will be visible to the naked eye, which is why we require the successful bidder to This is one of the reasons why we require the successful bidder to take the Spring Return Pill on the spot, in order for others to witness the miraculous effects of this medicine with their own eyes, if he did not have the effect, how could we have made such a decision?”

As for what you said just now, what if the Spring Return Pill does not have the effect you expected, I think this is a very subjective issue in itself, even if the effect is good, there are people who may not feel satisfied enough, just like everyone here, whose desire for wealth is never capped and never satisfied, so this is something we can only guarantee We can only guarantee that the vast majority of people will be convinced after witnessing it with their own eyes, but if the person concerned does not approve or is not satisfied, we cannot accept any kind of refund or after-sales service, so please understand.”

The old white man hesitated for a moment and nodded gently.

He also knew that it was difficult to quantify this kind of thing by some kind of public standard, but since the organiser dared to let everyone take it on the spot, it proved that they must have full confidence in the efficacy of this medicine.

Otherwise, as long as the first Spring Return Pill was auctioned and everyone saw with their own eyes that it did not have any effect, then it would be impossible to sell the later ones.

He then spoke up and said, “Thank you for Miss Song’s explanation, I can understand.”

Song Wanting then added, “Please ask No. 055 a question.”

No. 055, an old man with a Middle Eastern face, stood up and asked, “Miss Song, if someone bids for the Spring Return Pill but the money cannot arrive, what will your organisers do with it?”

Song Wanting said seriously, “Because our auction tonight is interspersed with other collectibles for the Spring Return Pill, each person will have twenty minutes to transfer money after a successful bid for the Spring Return Pill, if the payment does not arrive within twenty minutes, we will automatically cancel his share of the Spring Return Pill and release that portion of the Spring Return Pill for another auction, and those who fail to pay will be disqualified from further bidding for the Spring Return Pill tonight!”

The man nodded and said, “I understand, thank you Miss Song for your answer!”

Song Wanting smiled faintly in response, and after answering a few more questions, the time had reached 19:59.

Afterwards, Song Wanting did not continue with the roll call, but watched the clock tick down to the final ten seconds, so she smiled and said, “I declare that the first Spring Return Pill Auction, now officially begins! And the first lot we have prepared for you tonight is the first quarter of a Spring Return Pill!”