Secret Great Phoenix Chen Chapter 3902

Ye Zhongquan had never dreamed that Ye Chen would give himself the full ranking at this auction.

It was already a surprise to him that he was allowed to attend the auction as a VIP, but he did not expect that Ye Chen would not only give him the status of a VIP, but even let him make a finale appearance.

What was even more unexpected was that when Song Wanting was announcing the curtain, she asked all of them to stand up and applaud to greet his entrance, which was simply the highest treatment for such an occasion!

This was simply the highest treatment for such an occasion! One must know that all those attending the auction at this moment were top tycoons, and many of them were even more financially powerful than the Ye family.

However, even these people had to respectfully stand up and applaud to welcome her entry.

In this instant, Ye Zhongquan’s vanity was greatly satisfied.

However, being treated in such a high standard made Elder Ye’s heart inevitably even more nervous. He was even so nervous that he did not know whether he should step on his left or right foot first when he entered the auction hall later.

He forced down the excitement and nervousness in his heart before he stepped into the auction hall.

At this moment, more than four hundred people were standing straight on both sides of the auction hall, each of them turning their bodies to the side and back, while their eyes were fixed on the entrance.

As soon as they saw Ye Zhongquan step in, everyone applauded desperately at almost the same time.

The applause was so enthusiastic that Ye Zhongquan himself was even a little frightened.

The people who applauded were not really respecting Ye Zhongquan, they had only heard Song Wanting say that they had to give a standing ovation, and it had to be the loudest applause.

They were afraid of being written off for their poor performance, so they could only put in more effort.

Ye Zhongquan had already got used to the feeling of being in the limelight less than halfway down the red carpet, and his whole face was gradually relaxed, with a smile on his face.

After enjoying the attention and applause of the crowd, Ye Zhongquan sat down in the middle of the VIP seats with some reluctance.

After he sat down, the electronic clock hanging above the venue had reached 19:50.

Song Wanting then smiled and said, “I know that the vast majority of you have come to our auction for the Spring Return Pill, so here I would like to introduce to you the specific rules of tonight’s auction.”

After saying this, Song Wanting added, “Firstly, tonight we have prepared two incomparably precious Spring Return Pills for you all, except for one of the Spring Return Pills which will be auctioned as a whole and at the end of the auction for the finale, the remaining one Spring Return Pill will be divided equally into four portions, each of which will be auctioned separately as a single lot;”

“Secondly, of all the items in tonight’s collection, only the Spring Return Pill is non-rebidable, meaning that if one of you bids on the first Spring Return Pill, you will automatically lose the opportunity to participate in the other Spring Return Pill auctions that follow, while the other lots are not subject to this restriction;”

“Therefore, if one of you is aiming to get a whole Spring Return Pill, then please do not participate in the first four bids for the Spring Return Pill, otherwise once you are successful, you will lose the qualification to bid for a whole Spring Return Pill at the end.”

“In addition, in view of the fact that everyone has already paid the RMB 50 million deposit, so tonight’s auction, except for the Spring Return Pill, all the goods you have bid on will be directly reserved and sealed for you, if the turnover is lower than the deposit, we will automatically deduct the amount of the goods to return the rest of the deposit in the original way; if the turnover is higher than the deposit, you need to return the rest of the deposit at the end of the auction After the auction, the first time to make up the rest of the remaining amount of goods;”

“Finally, if you have won the Spring Return Pill, we and our staff will give you a mobile phone so that you can contact your treasurer directly and let him or her complete the transfer at the first opportunity.