Secret Great Phoenix Chen Chapter 3901

Ye Zhongquan smiled faintly and said, “Some time ago, there was a situation that caused some anxiety, but after Chen’s return to Yanjing, many of the troubles were solved, and thanks to his blessing, the Ye family not only pa*sed through the crisis safely, but also took the opportunity to further develop and become bigger. I’ve been very happy lately.”

Lai Qing Hua said with a smile, “It is indeed a great fortune for the Ye family to have a true dragon like Young Master Ye.

Ye Zhongquan hurriedly said with an arch of his hand, “Then I’ll take your advice, Old Mr. Lai!”

As soon as the words left his mouth, the two of them heard Song Wanting in the banquet hall say, “Next, please give a warm applause to our second guest of honour tonight, the direct descendant of the Song Dynasty Feng Shui Master Lai Buyi, the over 100 year old Feng Shui Master, Mr. Lai Qing Hua Lai!”

When Ye Zhongquan heard this, he was stunned. He originally thought that he should be the second guest and Lai Qinghua must be the last guest to appear in the grand finale.

But unexpectedly, Ye Chen had arranged for Lai Qinghua to appear first and let himself be the finale, so he could not help but feel excited in his heart.

Lai Qinghua was not surprised at all by this arrangement, after all, Ye Zhongduan was Ye Chen’s grandfather and also the explicit head of the Ye family, Ye Chen would definitely arrange for him to be the grand finale, and this would instantly raise the Ye family’s global popularity by a large margin.

Thus, Lai Qinghua smiled and said to Ye Zhongquan, “Mr. Ye, I will make my debut first!”

Ye Zhongquan hurriedly made an invitation gesture and said respectfully, “Please, Mr. Lai!”

Lai Qing Hua nodded slightly in greeting and also walked into the banquet hall with a vigorous pace.

And at this moment, in the banquet hall, most of the group of people who had not stood up to welcome the old Queen earlier had stood up.

These, almost all of them, were rich and powerful people from North America and Asia.

It was after hearing Lai Qing Hua’s introduction that many of them were looking forward to the Spring Return Pill, and they had also always held Lai Qing Hua’s attainments in feng shui in high esteem, so when they saw Lai Qing Hua enter, they naturally had to stand up to welcome him.

However, hardly any of the Europeans who had just stood up and bowed to the old Queen stood up.

Europe is actually very different from North America, which is itself made up of immigrants, with more faiths, more nationalities and relatively greater inclusiveness, while the Europans in Europe, who have maintained many traditions inherited from the Middle Ages, are more stubborn and old-fashioned, as they would bow to a long-dead royal family, but scorn Lai Qing Hua, a Feng Shui master.

But Lai Qing Hua did not care about these strange glances, his expression was always cloudy and light-hearted at the same time, with a few hints of meticulousness.

Lai Qing Hua walked to the three VIP seats in the very centre of the first row, the old Scandinavian Queen had already taken the seat on the right hand side, at which point a staff member walked up and gestured for Lai Qing Hua to take the seat on the left hand side.

Just then, Song Wanting said aloud, “Next, please ask all present to stand and welcome with the warmest applause our third guest of honour tonight, also the Chairman of the Ye Group, Mr Ye Zhongquan Ye!”