Secret Great Phoenix Chen Chapter 3904

As soon as Song Wanting’s words fell, the whole room instantly let out a gasp of surprise.

Everyone thought that the Spring Return Pill would be put on the back burner and slowly warmed up, but to their surprise, the first item up for auction was the Spring Return Pill!

This was actually Ye Chen’s deliberate arrangement.

What he wanted was this kind of feeling of an explosion right from the start.

He didn’t need to go through the trouble of warming up the venue, he just threw the “heavy bomb” down and detonated it, and the venue would instantly heat up.

Moreover, by shooting the Spring Return Pill first, it would allow the group of people to see the effects of the Spring Return Pill in the quickest time possible, which would also make the others even more frantic.

At this moment, Ye Chen sat in the monitoring room, watching the live broadcast of the scene and smiled slightly, “Wanting’s performance is much better than I expected, it seems that she has found the right rhythm.”

“Yes.” Richard Chen also couldn’t help but praise, “Miss Song’s live play is indeed steady, the scene has been held by her.”

Saying that, he asked Ye Chen curiously, “Young Master, what price do you think this first Spring Return Pill will fetch?”

Ye Chen smiled, “I can’t say this, but the first copy will definitely fetch the lowest price, I guess it should be around several hundred million to one billion dollars.”

At this moment, the auction site.

Just before everyone had returned to their senses, an etiquette lady, carrying an exquisite silver tray, walked up.

Immediately afterwards, the live camera’s lens focused on the silver plate, presenting the quarter of the black and shiny Spring Return Pill on the silver plate on the big screen behind Song Wanting.

The Spring Return Pill was already small, and a quarter of it was even smaller, so if it hadn’t been magnified on the big screen with this high-definition camera, the bidders sitting below wouldn’t have been able to see it at all.

The vast majority of people, at this moment, were sceptical about this tiny piece of elixir, unable to believe that such a small, ordinary piece could have such a magical effect as the legend says.

However, among the crowd, there were two people staring at the Spring Return Pill with eyes full of enthusiasm and eagerness, instead of any doubt.

Among them, apart from the Old Empress of Scandinavia, who had been saved by the Spring Return Pill, there was also an old acquaintance of Ye Chen, the richest man in Hai Cheng, Li Tailai.

At Song Wanting’s birthday party last time, Li Tailai had won a Spring Return Pill at a price of 2 billion yuan, and after taking it, not only did all his illnesses disappear, but he was also at least 20 years younger.

At that moment, he knew that the 2 billion he had spent was well worth it!

Therefore, this time, he also signed up for the auction at the first opportunity, wanting to take advantage of this opportunity to try his best to obtain some more rejuvenation pills.

He also knew that he was not rich enough to bid for a whole Spring Return Pill, so he was hoping to grab a share of the Pill that was split into four parts.

At this point, Song Wanting spoke up, “For this auction, we accept payment in either RMB or USD, however, as there are more overseas friends present today, we are using USD as the unit for all our bids, and the starting price for the quarter of the Spring Return Pill in front of me is USD 100 million, with each bid increasing by at least USD 10 million, so please start bidding for interested buyers! ”

The starting price for a quarter of the rejuvenating elixir was set at US$100 million, which really took many bidders who were not that rich by surprise.

Just when many people were still a bit stunned, Li Tailai raised his hand without hesitation and said, “I bid US$100 million!”

Inside the monitoring room, Ye Chen said with a smile, “Li Tailai is really smart, he knows that he has to compete for the first share, with his financial resources, if he can’t earn the first share, it will be even harder for the rest.”