Secret Great Phoenix Chen Chapter 4161

After a short pause, Li Yalin added: “Take all the staff here tonight and check if there is a decrease in the number of people, and ask each one to identify the others to see if there are any missing or missing people!”

Li Yalin then said to Ye Chen, “Since you are the only indirect witnesses who were at the scene, although you are not exactly eyewitnesses, you will be of great help to us in solving the case, so later on you will have to go back with our police car and make a statement.”

Ye Chen said, “Miss Gu is a public figure, and if she goes in and out of the police station at this time, in case word gets out, your American media will not know how to make up fake news to gain attention, it is not very convenient.”

Saying that, Ye Chen added, “How about this, we go back to the hotel first, if you want to make a statement, come to the hotel, we will definitely cooperate fully.”

Li Yalin nodded and said, “That’s fine, once I’ve arranged things at the scene, I’ll bring someone to visit the hotel.”

Ye Chen asked him, “Then can we leave now?”


Fei Xuebin, who was at the side, said discontentedly, “My son is still unaccounted for, and until my son is found, no one is allowed to leave here!”

Ye Chen frowned and asked in return, “On what grounds?!”

After saying that, he didn’t talk much to Fei Xuebin and immediately looked at Li Yalin and said seriously, “Inspector Li, I now seriously suspect that this matter is premeditated and the Fei family is highly suspect!”

Fei Xuebin gritted his teeth and roared, “What did you say?!”

Ye Chen repeated, “I said, the Fei family is highly suspicious!”

Fei Xuebin was annoyed in his heart and was about to speak up, but Li Yalin at the side asked very seriously, “Why do you think so?”

Ye Chen said seriously, “This matter itself is very strange, that young master of the Fei family, insisted on inviting Miss Gu to the charity dinner, but then deliberately said that he was going to invite her to be some kind of mystery guest, so the vast majority of people outside didn’t even know that Miss Gu was here, and they also deliberately arranged for us to be in this kind of lounge without even a window, saying something about waiting for the right time before It’s just a charity event, it doesn’t seem necessary to go through all this trouble, does it? It seems like there’s some kind of conspiracy.”

Speaking of this, Ye Chen added: “Moreover, what’s even weirder is that not long after we came in, there was no signal on our mobile phones, and there’s still no signal now! I seriously suspect that someone has blocked the wireless communication here!”

Hearing this, Li Yalin subconsciously took out his mobile phone to take a look, and sure enough, there was no signal or service whatsoever!

He instantly frowned and shouted out of the blue, “Johnson, block off the entire banquet hall and use professional equipment to troubleshoot and see where the shield actually is!”

At this moment, a police officer quickly ran over and spoke, “Inspector, the surveillance records we just confirmed, all the surveillance footage near this lounge has been replaced ahead of time, using footage related to the last banquet five days ago.”

Li Yalin frowned and asked, “Such a big problem, the security department didn’t find it?!”

The officer replied, “We consulted the security guards on duty at the surveillance room, they said they didn’t know there were important VIPs tonight and thought the VIP room was empty today, so their attention wasn’t even near the VIP room, so when these surveillance probes were playing the video recorded a few days ago, they didn’t notice anything unusual.”

Hearing this, Ye Chen said in a cold voice, “I told you that this matter was premeditated, it was simply someone deliberately trying to hide the fact that Miss Gu had arrived here from everyone! Moreover, even if those few ninjas could have gotten in, they couldn’t have gotten the surveillance footage from a few days ago, let alone hacked into the surveillance system, this is clearly an inside job!”

Fei Xuebin asked in astonishment, “Li Yalin, what does this mean? Do you suspect someone from the Fei family?”