Secret Great Phoenix Chen Chapter 3880

Pig killing trays are common in all walks of life.

But most commonly, it is a set-up between acquaintances to do the trick.

Moreover, the knife between acquaintances is often the most daring to lay a deadly hand.

The water in the used car market is extremely deep, and often the more you trust your friends, the more likely you are to get screwed.

The Porsche 718 that Wang Dalong was interested in was previously used exclusively for rent in Yazhou, Nanhai, and was itself a soaked car from Suhang, which was bought at a low price by Yazhou Car Rental after refurbishment, and rented out to the public at a price of more than a thousand per day, recovering its cost in just over a year.

Six months ago, the car was rented out in Yazhou to two young people who had just obtained their driving licences. The two young people had a major accident while driving after drinking, resulting in one of them dying on the spot and the other being seriously injured, and the car was nearly scrapped.

The car was then picked up by the owner of the car dealership in Jinling at a very low price, and a front body was found and welded up in Chentian, Guangdong Province, and finally prepared before being transported to Jinling.

However, the car was in such poor condition that anyone with a little knowledge could see the foul play at a glance, so the Porsche market was so good that the car was never sold.

It was a big hole that Wang Dalong stepped into.

He signed a short-term loan agreement that was full of pitfalls, then took the money he had just borrowed and rushed to the dealership to pick up the car.

His friend Bin had prepared a grand ceremony for him to pick up the car, and the car, which had been soaked, had been in an accident and had killed someone, was cleaned up by him and tied with a big red flower, which made it look particularly handsome.

Wang Dalong is not in the mood to enjoy this long-loved sports car, he thought he might have to lose 30,000 to 40,000, it hurts a lot.

This time, his friend Xiao Bin brought him to the office, handed him a thick contract, and urged him in a low voice: “Dalong, hurry up and sign the contract first, I have a foreign counterpart is looking for a 718 car source, and quite anxious, you pick up the car, I will arrange for him to look for you, when you give him the price plus 10,000, I guess he will definitely want it, so your I reckon he’ll want it, so you’ll get your interest money back!”

When Wang Dalong heard this, he was surprised and asked, “Really Xiao Bin?

“Can I still be cheap?” Xiao Bin winked at him and whispered, “Keep your voice down, don’t let our boss hear you, or he’ll scold me for sure.”

Wang Dalong said, “Yes, yes, yes! Xiao Bin, thank you so much for this!”

“Don’t be polite to me.” Xiao Bin directly turned the contract to the last page and pointed to the signature and said to him, “Hurry up and sign, I’ll take you to pick up the car after you sign!”


Ten minutes later, Wang Dalong finally picked up the Porsche 718 he had been longing for.

Xiao Bin gave him a grand ceremony to pick up the car, and a bouquet of flowers from the beautiful saleswoman.

Afterwards, Xiaobin handed him over, “Dalong, take the car first, and later I’ll contact that foreign counterpart and ask him to look for you to see the car.”

Wang Dalong suddenly opened the clouds and saw the sky, excited to no additional, just like forgetting the thing that just lost his job.

Then, he thought, he paid the bridge payment for ten days at a time, if the car is just mentioned to sell, it is really a loss.

So, he hurriedly said to Xiao Bin: “Xiao Bin, can you let your friend from abroad come to see the car a day or two later? I just got this car, at least let me rare and warm ……”

The first thing you need to do is to take the car away and use it, I’ll follow up with you.”

“Great!” Wang Dalong arched his hands in gratitude and said excitedly, “Then I’ll take the car away first, and you can have him contact me in a couple of days! After the car is out, I’ll treat you to a big meal!”

Xiao Bin waved his hand and said with a serious look on his face, “There’s no need to treat me to a meal, it’s not easy for you either!”

Five minutes later, with extreme gratitude for his friend, Wang Dalong drove away from the dealership in his coveted Porsche 718.