Secret Great Phoenix Chen Chapter 4506

When the crowd dispersed, they left behind a cake and a table full of food and snacks.

Liu Manqiong’s eyes were still red, lost in thought as she looked at the food that was piled up all over the table, even to the second level.

Ye Chen looked at her and asked softly, “Miss your mother?”

Liu Manqiong came back to her senses and nodded gently, bean-sized tears rolling down her face, she hurriedly wiped them away with her hand and spoke, “Whenever it’s my birthday, I miss her a lot ……”

Saying that, she hurriedly smiled slightly, looked at Ye Chen, stretched out her hand, and said with a bit of a petulant tone, “Give me a birthday present, anything.”

Ye Chen said awkwardly, “Look at this mess, I didn’t know it was your birthday today, and I didn’t prepare anything in advance ……”

Liu Manqiong laughed, “It doesn’t matter, anything will do, giving me a coin will do.”

Ye Chen thought about it and asked her, “Do you want one of the Power Pills that cure all diseases?”

Liu Manqiong couldn’t help but laugh, “No way …… You really have a vigorous pill, huh?”

Ye Chen nodded and said seriously, “I’m not going to lie, I usually work part-time as a charlatan, and I usually always carry a few vigorous pills with me, and when I meet someone who can make good karma, I will sell them one.”

Saying that, Ye Chen took out a wax-sealed blood dispersal heart-saving pill from his pocket, placed it in Liu Manqiong’s hand, and said very seriously, “This will be my birthday present to you, wishing you a happy birthday!”

When Ye Chen said this, he paused and instructed, “You must put it away, never, never let anyone know or see it, let alone pa*s it on to others, it’s best to carry it around with you, if you get seriously ill or injured in the future, take it out and eat it, it might save your life at a critical moment!”

Seeing how serious Ye Chen was, Liu Manqiong thought he was teasing her on purpose, so she said, “Okay, I know, next time when I have my period and I’m dying of pain, I’ll eat it!”

Ye Chen said, “No, no, no! If the medicinal effect of this powerful pill of mine is a big bowl of rice, then something like an aunt’s pain is like a hungry ant, you must not feed a big bowl of rice to this ant, you only need to pick out one grain from the bowl for it, it will be enough for it to live for a long time.”

Saying that, Ye Chen added: “If you have a painful period next time, use a razor blade to gently scrape a little bit of powder off the top, soak it in water and take it, the effect will be absolutely immediate.”

Liu Manqiong looked at Ye Chen with astonishment and asked, “Are you sure you don’t want to wink at me or raise your eyebrows or something? You’re talking so fussily, I’m almost taking it seriously.”

Ye Chen laughed, “It’s fine, just listen to it seriously.”

Liu Manqiong did not believe it in her heart, but she still readily accepted the Blood Dispersing and Heart Saving Pill handed to her by Ye Chen and said with a smile, “Thank you! This is the first birthday present I’ve ever actively asked for from the opposite sex, and although it’s more or less strange to receive a Power Pill, it’s still very much appreciated and I’ll treasure it!”

“Good.” Ye Chen nodded and instructed, “You must remember what I said and repeat it in your head a few times to make sure you can recall it when you encounter unexpected events.”

Liu Manqiong nodded repeatedly and said seriously, “Don’t worry, I will!”


While the two were eating down the street, Zhong’s family was in a hurry like ants on a hot pot.

Tonight, Zhong Zitao’s father, Zhong Yunqiu, was going to take Zhong Zitao to a banquet at the home of Hong Yuanshan, the master of the Hongmen Sect.