Secret Great Phoenix Chen Chapter 4507

However, Zhong Zitao had gone out for the afternoon and was late in coming back, and he could not get through on the phone, making him very anxious.

In the past few years, as Zhong Yunqiu’s business became bigger and bigger, he actually wanted to leave Hongmen alone, but Hong Yuanshan was also the best of the best, and he didn’t want to be treated like a night pot by Zhong Yunqiu, who would take him to pee on him when he was in use, and when he wasn’t, he resented him for being smelly and wanted to kick him away.

Zhong Yunqiu also realises that Hong Yuanshan now sees himself as a cash cow, just as he did when he first used him as his backer, and is unwilling to let go of him.

Therefore, he can only try to find ways to stabilise Hong Yuanshan.

Hong Yuanshan has recently made a lot of money from his business of smuggling frozen meat, but he is suffering from the lack of scale, so he hopes that Zhong Yunqiu can step in and register a shipping company to pick up goods from overseas to Hong Kong Island for him.

In addition, he also wanted Zhong Yunqiu to pay for a number of powerful speedboats so that he could smuggle frozen meat directly to the mainland through this channel.

In order not to give Zhong Yunqiu a chance to refuse, Hong Yuanshan, as his godfather, was prepared to put himself down and invite his godson and grandson to the banquet, and then make his demand at the dinner table, thinking that Zhong Yunqiu would not be able to refuse.

However, Hong Yuanshan waited for a long time at home, but when he did not see Zhong Yunqiu, he became a bit annoyed.

He made a phone call and said, “Yunqiu! You’ve become an a*shole now! Even I can’t afford you anymore! I’ve been waiting at home for you to come to dinner for years, but I haven’t seen you yet, what do you mean? If you despise me as your godfather, just say so, I, Hong Yuanshan, will never give you a hard time! I will never give you a hard time! I’ll just feed you all the help I’ve given you in the past and we’ll never see each other again!”

Zhong Yunqiu didn’t know Hong Yuanshan’s ruse.

This Hong Yuanshan was a trickster and a master at attacking the heart.

The reason he said this was to use retreat as an advance.

He expected that he would not be able to use this as an excuse to say that he would not be able to say anything to each other, so he deliberately showed his weakness while steadily taking the moral high ground.

At this point, he had no other choice but to apologise to him.

So, Zhong Yunqiu hastily said humbly, “Godfather, how could I look down on you? You have been my godfather for a day and for the rest of my life.

Hong Yuanshan questioned, “Then why haven’t you come by now? You’ve gone too far, haven’t you?”

Zhong Yunqiu said, “I’m innocent, Godfather! I was supposed to leave an hour ago, but Zi Tao went out this afternoon and told me that he would be back soon, but he hasn’t come back yet, I called him, but his phone kept ringing off the hook, I was afraid something would happen to him!”

When Hong Yuanshan heard this, he shouted, “f*ck! Who dares to touch my grandson, I’ll blow his f*cking head off! I may not have much success in my life, but I’m willing to risk my life! Yun Qiu, don’t worry, if anyone dares to touch Zitao, I will help you kill him!”

An old man like Hong Yuanshan could never say anything with only one meaning.

The reason why he spoke so impa*sionedly was, on the one hand, to rea*sure Zhong Yunqiu, but the bigger aspect was actually to knock Zhong Yunqiu.

The meaning beyond the words was simple: although he was old, he still dared to play with people’s lives, and if you Zhong Yunqiu dared to play tricks with me, I would also dare to play with your life!

Zhong Yunqiu is also a human being, he understood the meaning of Hong Yuanshan’s words almost instantly, but he was not in the mood for such things at this time, and hurriedly said, “Godfather, why don’t you send some of your men to check for me, I’m really afraid that something will happen to this kid Zitao, he has never been unable to reach the phone before.”

Hong Yuanshan said, “Yunqiu, don’t worry, leave this to me, I’ll send someone to check Zitao’s whereabouts, tell me what time he left home in the afternoon, I’ll have someone start checking from the moment he left home, we can definitely follow the vine and find out his clues!”