Secret Great Phoenix Chen Chapter 3980

When he came to Song Wanting’s office, Song Wanting handed Ye Chen a copy of the information prepared in advance and said to him, “Master Ye, in yesterday’s auction, we received US$148.7 billion in actual auction revenue in the Spring Return Pill auction portion, and another US$28 billion, which was Bernard Elnor’s installment payment;”

“Followed by the four amulets you made, which fetched a total of US$530 million;”

“Lastly, there is the relief of our collection, which fetched a total of US$365 million.”

Speaking of this, Song Wanting said with some embarra*sment, “Master Ye, I’m really sorry, Jiqing Hall’s resources are still a bit lacking in terms of ordinary artworks, we basically took out the best we could find, but compared to the top auction houses like Sotheby’s and Christie’s, there’s still a big gap, so the amount sold wasn’t really high ……”

Ye Chen said with a smile, “It doesn’t matter, the reason why there is still a shortage this time is because Jiqing Hall’s reputation has not yet been established, but now, Jiqing Hall’s reputation among the world’s top tycoons must have been greatly enhanced, when we prepare for the Hui Chun Dan auction next year, we only need to let the wind out in advance, those sellers with top artworks in hand will definitely come to Jiqing Hall in droves to cooperate. ”

Song Wanting nodded and said seriously, “Master Ye, this auction, I am so grateful to you! Thank you for giving me and Jiqingtang this opportunity, thanks to you, Jiqingtang can have such a chance to soar to great heights, thank you ……”

Ye Chen waved his hand and said, “Wanting, we are in a cooperative relationship, through cooperation, we each take what we need, mutual benefit and grow together, so you should not say thank you all the time.”

Song Wanting nodded her head slightly in gratitude, and then hurriedly said, “Right Master Ye, this auction, the revenue from the Spring Return Pill and the Talisman added up to US$149.23 billion;”

“However, at the moment, from a financial perspective, there are no costs behind this income of over 140 billion dollars:”

“If we had no costs, this more than fourteen billion would basically be all net profit and subject to corporate income tax at 25, how do you think this should be co-ordinated in a reasonable and legal manner? Can the raw materials used to make the Spring Return Pill on your side, as well as the costs incurred in the process of making it, be included?”

Ye Chen laughed: “How much can the raw materials cost? With a revenue of US$149.23 billion, US$0.03 billion after the decimal point is too much to be considered as a cost, not to mention that I made the production process myself, so it’s impossible to quantify the cost.

Song Wanting was speechless with shock and said, “Master Ye, are you sure you won’t consider doing some planning? This is over thirty billion dollars ……”

Ye Chen waved his hand and said firmly, “No, just do as I said and pay the tax on all of it according to the net profit.”

Song Wanting took a deep breath, nodded and said, “Okay Master Ye, I’ll clear it with the finance later.”

Ye Chen nodded and added: “Right Wanting, in addition to donating all the money from Bernard Elnor’s allotment before, help me take out another ten billion dollars in the name of the auction and donate it to the China Charity Federation, but one has to specify that half of this money should be used for the livelihood, education and medical treatment of poor and young people under eighteen and infants and orphans, and the other half should be used for 70 years old and above for the living, medical care and old age of the poor, widows, orphans and handicapped elderly, with the additional requirement that they do not release the donor’s information to the public.”

Song Wanting was speechless with shock, but in her heart she was exclaiming, “That’s US$10 billion …… Is it really such a crude donation?”

Ye Chen followed up by saying, “Right, donate another billion dollars to Jinling, there is no limit to the use, as long as it is helpful to the development of Jinling, use it for whatever you want.”

Song Wanting’s heart trembled as she listened.

I had seen people who did charity, but I had never really seen anyone who did it like this.

But Ye Chen wasn’t finished at this point.

Remembering something, he added: “Right Wanting, I also want to build a large orphanage in Jinling, the requirement is to accommodate at least more than 10,000 orphans, and in addition to giving them good living security, I also want to build a supporting kindergarten, as well as a twelve-year consistent school;”

“All construction costs, manpower costs, teacher costs, and daily maintenance costs will all be paid by me, and the team of teachers must be of high quality, not only to give the children an excellent life and education, but also to allow them to study from kindergarten all the way to high school graduation without any discrimination.”

“In addition, all children who get into university from this orphanage will have all their university tuition and living expenses covered by the orphanage:”

At this point, Ye Chen turned his words and added: “In addition, all children who go to university from here must sign an agreement with the orphanage that they must return to work in Jinling for at least five years after graduating from university or graduating with a master’s or doctorate, so that they can contribute to the development of Jinling.”