Secret Great Phoenix Chen Chapter 3981

Although Ye Chen is not a native of Jinling, he has long regarded it as his second hometown.

He had lived in Jinling for nearly twenty years and now that he had some ability, he did want to do something for Jinling.

In particular, he wanted to do something for the orphans in Jinling, as well as the surrounding cities.

This complex of an orphanage and a 12-year school is one of the dreams that Ye Chen wants to try to realise.

He would actually often think back to his life in the orphanage and those little friends in the orphanage.

He often thought of his old self, of his sister Li Xiaofen, his good brother Zhao Hao, the sad and irritating Zhao Zhuo, and Jiang Ming, who had gone astray and was cut down by his own hand.

Before Tang Sihai found himself, none of them were actually much good.

The biggest reason for this was that none of them had actually undergone a very good higher education.

Of course, this is not the fault of the orphanage, nor is it Tang Sihai’s fault.

After all, the orphanage itself is already very impressive for giving these children a shelter and keeping them warm and fed, and there is no orphanage that cares about these children going to university when they become adults.

Although Tang Sihai had the ability to manage, he did not dare to make the conditions in the orphanage too out of the ordinary for the sake of the orphanage’s low profile and normal operation.

Moreover, in those days, most orphanages were in somewhat difficult conditions because of funding.

Because of this, although Ye Chen did very well in middle school and high school, after graduating from high school, he went into society early to work in order to make things better for his other younger siblings in the orphanage.

At that time, although Tang Sihai felt sorry for this, he also felt that this would rather do more good than harm to Ye Chen.

The reason was that a Ye Chen who worked at a construction site and a Ye Chen who studied at university must have a better chance of exposure than the latter.

Because of this consideration, Tang Sihai did not interfere with Ye Chen’s decision.

Now, Ye Chen doesn’t have the worries that Tang Sihai had back then, so he plans to build such a utopian orphanage, not only to give these children a good basic education and the opportunity to receive higher education, but also to let these children know how to be grateful and contribute to the development of the city in the future.

Song Wanting could probably understand Ye Chen’s thoughts, so she spoke up and said, “Don’t worry, Master Ye, I will definitely communicate with the city about this matter as soon as possible to see if the city can help with the site selection and related qualification issues.”

Ye Chen nodded and instructed, “The place can be a bit remote, but the area must be large, we want to solve the problem of more than 10,000 children living, studying and daily leisure, arts and sports activities, in addition to the accommodation and living problems of the relevant staff, its scale should be at least the same as a 10,000 people level university, and possibly even larger. ”

Song Wanting said, “Master Ye don’t worry, I will discuss this matter with the city in detail, if you want to do such a big good deed, the city will definitely be very supportive.”

Ye Chen sighed, “I am hoping that through our Spring Return Pill auction, we can raise the international popularity and economic development of Jinling to a higher level. The new darling!”

Song Wanting laughed, “When the popularity of the Spring Return Pill keeps spreading, by then, I’m afraid that all the rich people from all over the world will come to Jinling to invest ……”

Ye Chen said confidently, “Don’t worry, this day will come soon.”

Song Wanting nodded, and suddenly remembering something, she asked Ye Chen: “Master Ye, when the time comes, who are you going to give the operation of this orphanage to? Should we hand it over to the city to run after we have built it all, or should we set up our own operating team?”

Ye Chen hesitated for a moment and said, “Personally, I am inclined to let one of the aunts from the orphanage take charge of it. She was in charge of it when I was small, and not only did she take care of us, but she was also very responsible and attentive, and she is also highly educated, so from what I know about her, she should be able to handle it.”

Speaking of this, Ye Chen could not help but sigh: “It’s just that she has now gone to Canada to recuperate, and I can’t bear to make her work harder and harder.”