Secret Great Phoenix Chen Chapter 3979

Seeing that An Chongqiu was unwilling to reveal the purpose of buying the medicine, Ye Zhongquan followed Ye Chen’s previous instructions and prepared to first casually promise An Chongqiu and then give him a delaying tactic.

An Chongqiu also knew in his heart that Ye Zhongquan must be hiding something from him, so he spoke, “Uncle Ye, if you can help with this matter, the An family will definitely not treat you poorly!”

As he said that, An Chongqiu added, “I heard that the Ye family lost a lot of money because of the Ten Thousand Dragons Hall some time ago, if the An family helps, it won’t take long to make up for this loss!”

An Chongqiu thought he was well aware of the mindset of the rich and powerful when their value suddenly plummeted, the mindset of many rich and powerful was actually no different from that of a gambler, once there was a huge fluctuation in their a*sets, their mindset would all change greatly.

When the Ye family lost half of its fortune in one go, Ye Zhongquan, the head of the family, was bound to scratch his heart and soul, dreaming of recovering this part of the loss.

However, it is easy to lose half of the family’s fortune overnight, but it may take ten to twenty years or more to get it back.

If the An family gave Ye Zhongquan a slight hand, then Ye Zhongquan would definitely be grateful.

An Chongqiu’s speculation was not wrong, but he had completely misjudged the Ye family’s situation.

If the Ye family had really lost half of its a*sets, Ye Zhongquan would have racked his brains to make up for the loss.

But the reality was that the Ye family’s strength had not been affected in any way; on the contrary, if one counted Ye Chen’s strength, Ye Chen’s a*sets and Ye Chen’s connections, the Ye family’s strength had more than doubled.

Therefore, he did not feel anything at all about this olive branch thrown by An Chongqiu.

It’s not that I don’t want to help you, and it’s not that I want to use this to negotiate any terms with you, but this matter you’re asking me for is really not within my ability. ”

An Chongqiu remembered that at that time, Ye Zhongquan had always been eager to cooperate with the An family, but every time he made a gesture of goodwill, the old man had rejected it without hesitation.

Just when he thought that Ye Zhongquan was trying to catch him and thinking of how to change his words, Ye Chen gave Ye Zhongquan a gesture to hang up, and Ye Zhongquan immediately said to An Chongqiu, “Chongqiu, I still have something to do, let’s talk some other time.”

After saying that, without waiting for An Chongqiu’s response, he directly hung up the phone.

An Chongqiu was caught a bit off guard at the other end of the phone.

It seemed that there had never been another person other than the old man who had hung up on him so rudely.

As he was irritated and uncertain, Ye Zhongquan on the other side put his phone back into his pocket and said to Ye Chen, “The An family is indeed used to being arrogant, they avoided me as a poor relative some years ago, and now that they are begging me to do something, the arrogance in their bones has not changed.”

Ye Chen said lightly, “The fact that this great uncle of mine could shout out on the spot that he wanted to take the Spring Return Pill away for thirty-seven billion dollars shows that they are indeed arrogant, so arrogant that they don’t put the rules set by others in their eyes, always thinking that as long as there is enough money, any rule will be made to change for them.”

Speaking here, Ye Chen smiled faintly and said casually, “It doesn’t matter, since they feel good about themselves, let them be.”

Then, Ye Chen added, “Right grandpa, I’m going to go to the United States in a couple of days, I might not be back for more than a month, so it will be hard for you to take care of things on the Ye family side.”

Ye Zhongquan asked curiously, “Chen’er, why are you going to America all of a sudden? You’re not going to visit the An family, are you?”

Ye Chen shook his head and laughed, “Why not, I’m accompanying Churan to attend a training session.”

Ye Zhongquan nodded and said, “Okay, don’t worry about the Ye family, as for your uncle’s side, I won’t rush to find him anyway, and if he wants to find me, I definitely won’t see him.”

“Good.” Ye Chen stood up and said, “Grandpa, it’s getting late, you should rest early, I should also go home, when are you going back to Yanjing, I’ll see you off at the airport then.”

Ye Zhongquan said, “No need to toss and turn, old people like me have less sleep, I wake up naturally at five o’clock, after I wake up, just have something to eat, let Xiao Chen take me to the airport, you don’t have to come specifically to see me off.”

When Ye Chen thought about it, it was still a bit early to go to the airport at five or six o’clock, so he nodded and said, “Grandpa, in that case, then I won’t see you off, when I come back from the United States, I will go to Yanjing to see you then.”


The following day.

The vast majority of the bidders who attended the auction returned to where they came from one after another with the legend of the Spring Return Pill.

Although An Chongqiu had checked out of the Buckingham Palace Hotel, he did not leave Jinling immediately, but planned to try his luck with Song Wanting again.

It just so happened that Ye Chen had also gone to Song’s Group early this morning, and he was going to touch base with Song Wanting on matters related to the post-auction period.