Secret Great Phoenix Chen Chapter 3954

He had never dreamed that No. 099, who had just been expelled from the court, was his own great-uncle!

No wonder he looked more or less familiar to him, but could never recall where he had seen him before.

After all, his own interactions with him were too few, and with another twenty years having pa*sed, his appearance had changed quite a bit from his previous twenty-something years, so he didn’t recognise him at all for a while.

Ye Chen couldn’t help but think: “Great-uncle looks like he is definitely not bidding for the Spring Return Pill for himself, otherwise he wouldn’t have pleaded to have it taken away.”

“Could it be for Grandpa?!”

“But, before the auction, I just talked to Elder Lai about Grandpa, and Elder Lai also said clearly that Grandpa has always been unbelieving about these ……”

“Then who is he auctioning this Spring Return Pill for?”

Ye Chen was in deep thought for a moment.

Afterwards, he subconsciously looked at Lai Qinghua, who also looked puzzled.

Lai Qinghua also guessed the doubt in Ye Chen’s mind and said with a frown, “Since An Qishan’s father pa*sed away, I have basically had no dealings with the An family, and now counting, it has been more than forty years, but from what I know about An Qishan, he should not believe in such things as the Spring Return Pill.”

Hearing this, Ye Chen finally understood that Lai Qing Hua had not seen his own great uncle for many years either, so he did not recognise him at the auction.

As for Fei Ke Xin, who was at the side, she clearly saw just now that Ye Chen’s expression was shocked for a moment when he heard the three words An Chong Qiu.

Moreover, she also saw with her own eyes that Ye Chen and Lai Qinghua seemed to have some kind of eye contact regarding this An Chongqiu.

At this moment, she instantly realised in her mind, “Both Mr Ye and Old Mr Lai must have some kind of connection with the An family!”

“Otherwise, Mr. Ye would never show his shock, and the two of them, would never make such eye contact!”

“Old Mr. Lai wouldn’t need to guess, because he just said that he had no dealings with the An family since An Qishan’s father died;”

“This statement is pushed backwards, which means that Old Mr. Lai had a good deal of friendship with the An family when An Qishan’s father was alive.”

“But how could Mr. Ye, who is so young and has been living in the Mainland, be involved with the second-ranked An family in the United States?”

Thinking of this, Fei Ke Xin suddenly remembered something else.

“The An family’s daughter, An Chengqing, whom I admire most, was the one who married far away and down to the Ye family in China back then, and then died young twenty years ago ……”

She couldn’t help but mutter in her heart, “The An family …… An Chengqing …… Ye family …… Ye Zhongquan …… Ye …… Ye Chen ……”

Thinking about this, she seemed to have suddenly thought of something and was horrified!

At this moment, she had finally guessed all of Ye Chen’s identity!

“So, he’s not just the famous Master Ye of Jinling, but also the eldest son and grandson of the Ye family!”

“Not only that, he’s even the eldest grandson of the An family! He’s the only son of my life idol, An Chengqing!”

“Legend has it that An Chengqing, her husband and son, all perished because of a conspiracy.”

“But to my surprise, An Chengqing’s son survived!”

At this moment, Fei Ke Xin finally understood that she, the eldest Miss of the Fei family, had thought that she was a crane and a chicken when she arrived in Jinling, but she never dreamed that in this mu of Jinling, there was a true dragon, Ye Chen!