Secret Great Phoenix Chen Chapter 3955

The moment she saw through Ye Chen’s identity, it was as if Fei Ke Xin had grabbed the real straw that saved her life.

She suddenly knelt down again and choked up as she begged, “Young Master Ye, please help my grandfather and help him take back the great power of the Fei family ……”

As soon as Fei Ke Xin’s words came out, Fei Jianzhong was stunned and dumbfounded.

He could not understand why Fei Ke Xin would beg Ye Chen to help him take back the great power.

After all, although Ye Chen had the Spring Return Pill, even if he gave it to himself, he would only be able to survive.

Surviving was not the same as being able to regain the great power of the Fei family.

Because, his own eldest son had already tantamount to rooting himself out, there was no way for him to compete with him.

He might not even be able to return to the United States at all.

Because, once he ventured back to the country, his eldest son would definitely regard himself as a thorn in his side and would not let him return alive no matter what.

On the other hand, Lai Qing Hua was surprised and delighted at the same time.

He was shocked that Fei Ke Xin had been able to penetrate Ye Chen’s true identity.

The joy was that Fei Ke Xin had indeed begged the right person. At the moment, apart from Ye Chen, I was afraid that there was no other person who had the ability to help Fei Jianzhong regain control of the Fei family.

Ye Chen was also surprised to the extreme.

He knew that Fei Ke Xin was smart, but he did not expect her to be so smart.

It must be because he had just heard his great uncle’s name and had not controlled his expression for a moment, and Fei Ke Xin had caught the end of it.

Luckily, apart from Lai Qinghua, it was the generals of the Ten Thousand Dragons Hall around him, and they all knew that he was the young master of the Ye family, so Fei Ke Xin had not exposed herself with this remark.

So, Ye Chen didn’t want to deny it, he just looked at Fei Ke Xin and said indifferently, “Sorry, I can’t help with this favor.”

Fei Kexin, in her haste, said offhandedly, “How can that be Young Master Ye, with your ability, if you are willing to help, there will be a way, as for the conditions, you can just ask, I am sure Grandpa will agree to you ……”

Fei Jianzhong was incomparably surprised, looked at Fei Kexin and asked softly, “Kexin …… you are ……”

Seeing that Fei Ke Xin had seen through his identity, Ye Chen opened his mouth and said to the soldiers of the Ten Thousand Dragon Hall around him, “You guys should go out first.”

“As you command Mr. Ye!” Several of the Ten Thousand Dragons Hall soldiers immediately turned around and walked out.

Ye Chen then looked at Yuan Zixu and added, “This gentleman, please also take a moment to withdraw.”

Yuan Zixu glanced at Fei Jianzhong and saw that Fei Jianzhong nodded before he gave Ye Chen a fist hug and stepped out.

At this point in the room, only Ye Chen, Lai Qinghua, and the grandfather and grandson duo of Fei Jianzhong and Fei Kexin were left.

Ye Chen looked at Fei Jianzhong at this time and said seriously, “Old Mr. Fei, I am the first grandson of the Ye family in Yanjing, my mother, is the eldest daughter of the An family, An Chengqi, and that An Chongqiu who was competing with you just now, is my eldest uncle.”

When Fei Jianzhong heard this, his entire jaw dropped.

He said with wide eyes and a face full of horror, “You …… you are An Chengqin’s son?! Hasn’t An Chengqin’s family all pa*sed away?”

Ye Chen sighed and said seriously, “My parents pa*sed away, but I survived.”

After saying that, Ye Chen asked him, “The reason for my parents’ death, may I ask if you know any inside information?”

Fei Jianzhong shook his head and spoke, “Young Master Ye, back then, the news of your mother An Chengqing’s death in China had a great impact on American high society, many people said that she was killed by someone, but no one knew exactly who she was killed by, it was said that the An family had also been investigating, but it had never been identified, and outsiders like us, we had even less knowledge ……”