Secret Great Phoenix Chen Chapter 3668

After a 12-hour flight, Smith finally made it back to Washington.

Interestingly, the plane he was on, did not, land at the Washington airport, but was guided by air traffic control all the way to a military airport on the outskirts of Washington.

The reason why his plane was guided to land at a military airport was because the 20 boxes of Jiu Xuan Zhen Zhen Zhen Pills he was carrying were, in the eyes of the United States of America, more than priceless, and might even be a major weapon in international competition in times of peace.

Immediately after landing, the plane was led by a ground guidance vehicle to a military hangar that was used to park bombers.

By now the hangar had been completely emptied and nearly a hundred people were here, having waited for a long time.

Among these people were the heads of the military, as well as the top bra*s of the health department, and the elites of the major laboratories and the experimental teams of several top pharmaceutical companies.

On top of that there were some men in suits with serious expressions, and from Smith’s experience, these should all be CIA agents.

Smith simply did not expect to be greeted by such a huge array of people when he returned this time.

The moment the door of the plane opened, before he knew it, a number of soldiers immediately rushed up, and as soon as they got on the plane, they immediately ordered, “All of you take your belongings and line up to get off the plane immediately, this plane will be fully inspected soon, if you have any sensitive items on you or on the plane, we will deal with them seriously! ”

Smith said awkwardly, “You’re not afraid we’ll smuggle any contraband back to our country, are you?”

The soldier said coldly, “Mr. Smith, you must make sure that every box and every Jiu Xuan Zai Pill is intact and in your possession.”

Smith instantly understood the motive of these soldiers.

They were afraid that they had hidden the Jiu Xuan Reclamation Pills, that they would leave them on the plane, or leave them with the crew and pa*s them on to other countries in the future.

It was no wonder that they were overly sensitive, after all, in their opinion, the value of the Jiu Xuan Zhen Zhen Pills was so immeasurably large that they had to be cautious and careful.

Smith had to lift his own clothes, flash the 20 boxes of Jiu Xuan Zai Zai Pills wrapped around his waist, and spoke, “Please don’t worry, I carry all the medicine close to me.”

The soldier nodded, still expressionless, and said, “It had better be.”

Soon, Smith was escorted out of the cabin by the soldier.

At that moment, Health Minister Rogers came striding over and said with unbridled excitement, “Smith, you’re finally back!”

Smith said awkwardly, “What’s with all the fuss you guys are making?”

Rogers laughed, “Ever since I heard you say that Jiu Xuan Pharmaceutical itself has not found the ma*s production process for the Jiu Xuan Rejuvenation Pill, the White House has been taking this matter incredibly seriously!”

Saying that, Rogers added, “Think about it, if they have not been able to break through this restriction, then they will not be able to create a real check and balance on this medicine internationally, if we can break through this restriction, then this medicine will be able to play a huge role in our hands!”

Smith nodded and spoke, “I’ve brought the medicine back, take it if you want to study it, but I want ten boxes to take to my son for his illness!”

“Ten boxes?” Rutgers frowned and blurted out, “Smith, you know the Ministry of Health is paying for this, ten boxes is $50 million! If you just take it, what am I going to tell my superiors?”