Secret Great Phoenix Chen Chapter 3669

Smith suddenly tensed up and questioned, “Then what do you mean? My son is waiting for his life to be saved right now!”

Seeing that he was very nervous, Logos hurriedly laughed, “Gee, don’t be so sensitive or nervous, what I mean is that your son only needs one pill a day according to the normal dosage, and four boxes will be enough for him to take for a month.”

Saying that, Logos patted Smith’s shoulder and added, “With our ability in pharmacology, maybe, in a month’s time we will have achieved a complete imitation, and by that time I will personally take a hundred boxes and deliver them to your home!”

Smith immediately shouted emotionally, “No! What if you don’t achieve it in a month’s time? Do I have to continue to watch my son die? I don’t care about anything else, but I want 10 boxes of this medicine, not even one box less!”

Smith added, “Don’t think I don’t understand pharmacy, if you really want to find out what the formula is in this medicine, you don’t need a large number of drugs as samples, each experimental team only needs to share two or three pills, that’s enough for them to experiment for a long time! Ten boxes is seventy pills, definitely enough for you guys!”

Rogers sighed helplessly and whispered to Smith, “Think about it, how excited and thrilled cancer patients around the world have been since the Mayo Centre released all the information about your son’s treatment!”

“And think about it, there are so many cancer patients now, who among the dignitaries in the White House doesn’t have a friend or two with cancer?”

“They’re all looking forward to the drugs coming in! I’ve already fought hard to keep four boxes for your son!”

Smith’s face dawned on him.

He had understood the meaning of Rutgers’ words.

And it was well understood.

Like he said, who didn’t have a friend or two with cancer?

If they were distant relatives, it would be fine, but if they were close relatives, who wouldn’t want to save them as much as they did?

The 20 boxes of Jiu Xuan Zai Zai Pills were now their greatest hope.

Thinking of this, Smith could only compromise and said to Logos, “You must hurry them up, so that they can crack this medicine as fast as possible!”

“Don’t worry.” Rogues nodded and said, “This matter is now under my supervision as a supervisor, and from now on, all my energy is on this matter.”

Smith nodded and took the Jiu Xuan rejuvenation pills off his body and spoke, “Sixteen boxes for you, I’ll take the rest to the hospital for my son.”

Rogers shook his head and said seriously, “Smith, the envoy from the White House has said that all the teams that developed this medicine and all the patients that need to be treated with this medicine must be pooled together and supervised by the military.”

Saying that, Rutgers added, “That means you will have to receive your son into a laboratory provided by the military, the medicine will also be closely guarded by the military, and the medicine will be fed to your son by a doctor appointed by the military when he takes it every day.”

Smith asked, dumbfounded, “Is this …… so strict?”

“That’s not all!” Rogers added, “When your son first took this drug, the White House did not know about it, so they were not able to collect your son’s excrement in time, so from now on, any patient who takes the drug, their excrement will be collected by the military, no leaks will be allowed, all of this, all under strict control according to the highest biosecurity level!”

You know that no drug can be completely absorbed by the human body, and if the excrement carries the active ingredient, leaking it out is a risk, so we must guard against it before Jiu Xuan Pharmaceuticals itself officially launches this drug! We must not let a second country have the same opportunity!”